Oh Tara

Savannah Skye

Oh Tara
Goddess of 21 names
Who sits upon a lotus flower in the midst of life's childish games
Who even the most mischievous of us your Buddhic love tames

Oh Tara
Holder of two lovely lotus flowers
Keeper of higher spiritual powers
Rain down on us with your Buddhic showers

Oh Tara
She of many colors and ways
Help us on our differing days
With your multi-hued Buddhic inlays

Oh Tara
In most humble praise of you
We ask for your help to live our lives true
So our minds become as Buddhic clear as the sky's azure blue

Oh Tara
Let us bathe in the hollows of your footsteps today
So that your pure energy washes our spirits into a new way
Even when our thoughts are less than a Buddhic whispering mind stray

Oh Tara
Keep us in the view of your compassion filled gaze
When our mind's are in a chaotic haze
When our thoughts seem beyond the realms of Buddhic ways

Oh Tara
Hold us in your wisdom filled embrace
When we're on the worst side of our mortal's face
When our ways are beyond the realms of an all-loving Bhuddhic space

Oh Tara
Guide us on our future unchosen path
So that ignorance is not our mind's unconscious wrath
Even when we're living our life in a Buddhic aftermath

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