The Myth of Yule

Asherah, Coven Oldenwilde

Long ago, in ancient times,
when the dark was cold and long
our peoples gave sacrifice
and raised their voices in hopeful song.
What could they offer, in these times gone by,
to bring back spring, and lengthen the day?
What could they offer, that the Goddess would accept
to grant that for which they prayed?

Would their rituals be enough
even if all were done right?
What could they do
to lengthen the light?

Would the Holly King give way to the Oak King?
(They prayed for the birth of the Sun)
with reverence and fear in their hearts
each and every one.

And so, they appealed to the Goddess and the God.
After their rituals, it was a somber time.
They wondered if their gifts had been accepted.
They watched, and waited for a sign.

Then slowly, and faintly
like moonbeams on the bay,
they noticed the darkness receding
and beheld the lengthening of the day.

And though He were ever so tiny
the Sun God had been born again!
The Holly King had given way to the Oak King!
They could look forward to spring.

And so, the people rejoiced!
But still, their rituals went on...
for there was still the cold of winter to come
like the darkness before the dawn.

The Sun God was still so small and frail--
like a candle flame in the wind.
The Goddess could still take back her gift!
So they chanted and prayed again.

So it should be, for each of you here.
You should feel their hopes and their fears.
Chant and pray with all your hearts
that longer days are near!

Appeal to the Goddess and the God in reverence
as we conduct these ancient rituals again.
For who knows? If not properly done,
perhaps there will be no spring.

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