Crimson Colored Hands of Time

Savannah Skye

tick... tick... tick...
i'm locked inside time's complacency
tick... tick... tick...
where crimson colored hands
tick... tick... tick...
my life slowly away
tick... tick... tick...

the blue sky has blackened
the fertile earth has transformed into a vast desert
forsaken i stand alone

with jilted hand over damaged heart
love slits open wrists
melancholic wounds exposed

by crimson colored hands of time
that prolong our forlorn bond
in green fields of wistful emptiness

where you dance with your inamorata
as i watch alone and sullen
wind becoming my sole lover

while crimson colored hands of time
disclose to me love's deception
revealing true intentions of disdain

that colors my jaded life
with multiple shades of mourning
as days nonchalantly pass me by

tick... tick... tick...
tick... tick... tick...
i try to desperately escape time's chokehold
tick... tick... tick...
that their crimson colored hands have me in
tick... tick... tick...
tick... tick... tick...
they manage to steal another part of my life away
tick... tick... tick...

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