Zodiac: Capricorn

Maggie Yanor


Always remember, your SUN SIGN is only the tip of the iceberg! There is much more to you than meets the eye. What follows is a brief description of some "SUN SIGN" characteristics. It does NOT mean that every person born under this sign is exactly like this. A person's Astrological make-up is very complex and can be a combination of several signs depending on the time and place of birth. Most of us apt to behave more like our "SUN SIGNS" when we are around those we are most familiar with such as family and friends. Other factors come into play when we are with strangers.

Welcome Capricorn

"The goat that never gives up" -does this sound like a title for a movie? Could be, especially if you check around for those CAPRICORNS in your life. Once they decide on a plan of action, they will see it to the end unless financial expectations begin to falter. Is your CAPRICORN conservative? Does he/she lean towards professional business standards? Is math easier if there is a dollar sign in front of all the numbers? Has he/she always wanted to be rich and respected ever since childhood? CAPRICORNS have a terrific chance of succeeding although success usually doesn't come until their late thirties. Because they find success difficult to attain, they often have a solemn or sullen look. It has been said that CAPRICORNS don't look natural when they smile because they have such a serious view of the world.

If you plan on getting involved with a CAPRICORN, then you had better check your bank balance. They can sometimes be tight with a dollar. They will also expect a certain standard of behaviour usually reserved for those who can identify with the Victorian period. Conservative and polite manners are a must. In spite of this, they can have a lusty interest in sex.

Ever heard of these CAPRICORNS? Kevin Costner, Ted Danson, Mohammed Ali, Bobby Hull, Martin Luther King, Joan Baez, Dolly Parton, Lloyd Bridges, Cary Grant, George Burns, Danny Thomas, James Earl Jones, Betty White, and Vidal Sassoon.

Every Astrological sign has dominance over a part of the body. CAPRICORN rules the knees, the teeth, the spine and the bones in the body. Many CAPRICORNS have back problems, soft teeth, and problems with the knees, however, if the aspects are good, it just makes these areas strong instead of weak.

Maggie Yanor, B.A., B.Ed.

If you would like to know more about this or any other sign, you can arrange to have a Chart drawn up by contacting me through the "JOVIAN Astrology BBS", or by writing to:

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