The Ways of Making Magic

Janet and Stewart Farrar

The [eight pointed asterisk] sign on the Athame is said to represent, among other things, the Eight Paths which all lead to the Center and the Eight Ways of Making magic, and these are:

  1. Meditation or concentration.
  2. Chants, Spells, Invocations. Invoking the Goddess, etc.
  3. Projection of the Astral Body, or Trance.
  4. Incense, Drugs, Wine, etc. Any potion which aids to release the Spirit.
  5. Dancing
  6. Blood control. Use of the Cords.
  7. The Scourge.
  8. The Great Rite.

You can combine many of these ways to produce more power.

To practice the Art successfully, you need the following five things:

  1. Intention. You must have the absolute will to succeed, the firm belief that you can do so and the determination to win through against all obstacles.
  2. Preparation. You must be properly prepared.
  3. Invocation. The Mighty Ones must be invoked.
  4. Consecration. The Circle must be properly cast and consecrated and you must have properly consecrated tools.
  5. Purification. You must be purified.

Hence there are 5 things necessary before you can start, and then 8 Paths or Ways leading to the Centre. For instance, you can combine 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 together in one rite; or 4, 6 and 7 together with 1 and 2, or with 3 perhaps. The more ways you can combine, the more power you produce.

It is not meet to make offering of less than two score lashes to the Goddess, for here be a mystery. The fortunate numbers be 3, 7, 9 and thrice 7 which be 21. And these numbers total two score, so a less perfect or fortunate number would not be a perfect prayer. Also the Fivefold Salute be 5, yet it be 8 kisses; for there be 2 feet, 2 knees and 2 breasts. And five times 8 be two score. Also there be 8 Working Tools and the Pentacle be 5; and five eights be two score.

(Note: 8 plus 5 equals 13. 8 multipled by 5 equals 40.)

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