On The Number 451

(The true nature of the A.`. A.'.) - Publication in Class B - ORDO ARGENTUM ASTRUM

Anthra Andromda

The number is a very interesting one indeed. Originally suggested by David Cherubim, in connection with the "true" meaning of the initials A.`. A.'.. At first glance there doesn't seem to be much there...BUT!

451 = 4 + 5 + 1 = 10 = 1.

A glyph of the cycle. The monad starting its trek through experience in the infinite body of Nuith and returning to this supreme Unity.

451 = ATh HADM. The essence of Man. Also Ath ADMH (a Temurah), The essence of the attained Man.

ADMH also means "Red Earth" in the traditional sense. However, there is a rather 'new' qabalistic operation at work here, that of fusing or synthesis. That of two words joining to make a new one (or an old one) with a new meaning. Here we have 'ADM' and 'MH'. Both words add to 45, which may be a key to the way things are working here. ADM, Man and MH, Yetzirah. In this case we have man identified with Yetzirah to which he aspires. Crowley says of this number, "Thus 45 baffles the accuser, but only by affirmation of progress. It cannot help that progress."

Quite true, it baffles! ADMH is 50, and is "red earth". This would seem to have little to do with the foregoing. However, consider this; in the word ADMH we have the 'H' appended. This would place the number five behind the Man, and would have the effect of giving him motion in a forward direction (indicating progressive motion).

When the number 451 is divided by the number 51 (451/51) the result is 8.02. Perhaps not much here, but! The number 802 is twice that of 401 (essences) and is defined in 'Sepher Sephiroth' as; "401 X 2 = The Reflection of 401, which is the (Th a), alpha and omega". It also refers to the three grades of A.`. A.'. above the abyss. As to the number 8.02; the number 8 is that of Ch = Chith = 418. And the 2 represents the 'extended' monad proceeding from the infinitely small and un-extended point. Thus it is representative of the 'human' Star, the true essences of Man that aspires to the higher, or in Enochian terms; That Star (monad) that aspires, and is driven, to a higher place in the hierarchy of the Universe. This is accomplished by the motion imparted to it by the 'H' which gives the Star motion so that it may gain in experience.

Now, 401 = 5 = Motion. And, 50 = 5 = Motion, and is also the 14th letter of the Hebrew alphabet; Nun. The mystic number of 'Nun' is 300, which is the number of the 21st letter of the Hebrew alphabet 'Sh' Shin. Shin refers Yetziratically to fire, and is symbolic of the 'Holy Spirit' and therefore is the letter and number of 'Spirit'. Spirit is unmanifested energy, and matter is manifested energy (another possibility for the 2 of 8.02) which is, in a sense, the whole nature of Man. This duality of man is shown in dual nature of his motion. The 401 which is the essences of his motion (the higher) and the 50 which is the manifestation of this motion.

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