Celtic Craft Reading List

6 July 1991

Rowan Moonstone

*** Marks especially good books. Read these FIRST!! Keep in mind, this is simply a listing of the books that I have found useful. Question everything.

A.E.(GEORGE RUSSELL); "The Candle of Vision", Quest Books, Theosophical Pub. 1975

ALFORD, VIOLET; "The Hobbyhorse & Other Animal Masks", Merlin Press 1978

AMERICAN CONFERENCE FOR IRISH STUDIES; "Guide to Irish Studies in the U.S.A." 1987

ANWYL, EDWARD; "Celtic Religion in Pre-christian Times", Archibald Constable & Co. 1906 ***

ARTOS, ALLEN; "Arthur, The King of Light", Lorien House 1986

ASHE, GEOFFREY; "The Ancient Wisdom", London 1977

BAIN, GEORGE; "Celtic Art: The Methods of Construction", Dover Pub. 1973

BARBER, CHRIS; "Mysterious Wales", Paladin Press 1983

BOASE, WENDY; "Folklore of Hampshire & the Isle of Wight", Rowman & Littlefield 1976

BONWICK, JAMES; "Irish Druids and Old Irish Religion", Arno Press 1976

BORD, JANET & COLIN; "The Secret Country", Grenada 1978 ***

BORD, JANET & COLIN; "Mysterious Britain", Grenada 1974 ***

BORD, JANET & COLIN; "Earth Rites", Grenada 1983 ***

BORD, JANET & COLIN; "Sacred Waters", Paladin Books 1986 ***

BREFFNY, BRIAN DE, ed.; "Ireland, A Cultural Encyclopedia", Thames & Hudson 1983

BREFFNY, BRIAN DE; " The Irish World", Thames & Hudson 1986

BRIGGS, KATHERINE; "Abbey Lubbers, Banshees, & Boggarts", Pantheon 1979

BRIGGS, KATHERINE; "Nine Lives; Cats in Folklore", Rudledge & Kegen Paul 1980

BROWN, PETER, ed. & selected by; "Book of Kells", Alfred A. Knopf 1980

CAMPBELL, J.F. & GEORGE HENDERSON; "The Celtic Dragon Myth", Newcastle Pub. 1981

CARMICHAEL, ALEXANDER; "Celtic Invocations", Vineyard 1972

CASTLEDEN, RODNEY; "The Wilmington Giant", Turnstone 1983

CHADWICK, NORA; "The Celts", Pelician 1970

CHANT,JOY; "The High Kings", Bantam 1983

CHMELOVA, ELENA; "Celtic Tales", Exeter Books 1982

CLARE, T.; "Archelogical Sites of Devon & Cornwall", Moorland Pub. 1982

COGHLAN, RONAN; "Dictionary of Irish Myth and Legend", Donard Press 1979

COHANE, JOHN PHILLIP; "The Key", Crown Pub. 1969

COLLUM, PADRAIG; "Treasury of Irish Folklore", Crown Pub. 1967

COLLUM, PADRAIC; "Treasury of Irish Folklore", rev. ed. Killenny Press 1967

COLLUM, PADRAIC; "The King of Ireland's Son", McMillian & sons 1933

CONWAY, D.J.; "Celtic Magic", Llewellyn Pub. 1990

COOKE, GRACE & IVAN; "The Light in Britain", White Eagle Pub. Trust 1983

COSMAN, MADELEINE, PELNER; "Medieval Holidays and Festivals", Charles Scribmer & Sons 1981

CROSSLEY-HOLLAND, KEVIN, ed.; "Mabon of the Mabinogion", Thorsen Pub. 1984

CUNLIFFE, BARRY; "The Celtic World", McGraw Hill MCMLXXIX ***

CURTAIN, JEREMIAH; "Myths and Folk Tales of Ireland", Dover Books 1975

DAMES, MICHAEL; "The Avebury Cycle", Thames & Hudson 1977 ***

DANAHER, KEVIN; "The Year in Ireland", (Leinster Leader, Ltd. 1972) Mercier Press 1972 ***

DANIEL, GLYN & PAUL BAHN; "Ancient Places - The Prehistoric & Celtic Sites of Britian", Constable 1987

DAVIDSON, THOMAS; "Rowan Tree and Red Thread", Edinburgh 1949

DAVIES, EDWARD; "The Mythology and Rites of the British Druids", J. Booth 1809

DELANEY, FRANK; "The Celts", Little Brown & Co. 1986

DILLON, MYLES; "Early Irish Literature", University of Chicago Press 1948

DINNENN, REV. PATRICK S.; "Irish- English Dictionary", Irish Textes Society 1927

DUGGAN, COLM; "Treasures of Irish Folklore", Mercantile Marketing Consultants, Ltd. 1983

DYER, JAMES; "The Penguin Guide To Prehistoric England & Wales", Penguin Books

EVANS-WENTZ, W. Y.; "The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries", Universtiy Books 1966 ***

FELL, BARRY; "America, B.C.", Wallaby Books 1976

FITZPATRICK, JIM; "The Silver Arm", Paper Tiger Press 1981

FITZPATRICK, JIM; "The Book of Conquests", E.P. Dutton 1978

FLOWER, ROBIN; "The Irish Tradition", Clarendon Press 1947/1978

FORDE, JOHNSTON J.; "Prehistoric Britian & Ireland", W.W. Norton & Co. 1976

FRAZIER, SIR JAMES GORDON; "The Golden Bough", (The Macmillan Company, 1951) Avenel 1981

FRENCH, J.M.F.; "Prehistoric Faith and Worship", London 1912

FROUD, BRIAN & ALAN LEE; "Faeries", Harry M. Abrams 1978

GANTZ, JEFFERY; "Early Irish Myths & Sagas", Penquin 1982

GERALD OF WALES; "The History & Topography of Ireland", Penquin 1982

GLASSIE, HENRY; "Irish Folk History", University of Pennsylvannia Press 1982

GREGORY, LADY AUGUSTA; "Visions and Beliefs in the West of Ireland", Colin Smythe 1920/1979

GREGORY, LADY AUGUSTA; "Gods and Fighting Men of the Celts", John Murray 1913 ***

GUARD, DAVID, "Dierdre: A Celtic Legend", Celestial Arts 1977

HERM, GERHARD; "The Celts", St. Martin's Press 1975

HIGGINS, GODFREY; "Celtic Druids", Philosohpical Research Society 1977

HOPE, MURRY; "Practical Celtic Magic", Aquarian Press 1987

IRISH TEXTES SOCIECTY; "Poems of Egan O'Rahilly", Rev. P.S. Dinnenn & T.O. Donough 1966

IRISH TEXTES SOCIECTY; "Duanaine Finn", Vol VII, part 1, ed. & trans. Eoin MacNeil

IRISH TEXTES SOCIECTY; Keating, "History of Ireland, Vol 1-4, 1902/1987

IRISH TEXTES SOCIECTY; "Adventures of Suibhne Geilt", ed. & trans. J.G. O'Keefe 1913

IRISH TEXTES SOCIECTY; "Poems on the Marcher Lords", ed. Anne O'Sullivan & Padrain O'Riain 1987

IRISH TEXTES SOCIECTY; "Labor Gabala Erenn", parts 1-4, Trans. R.A.S. MacAlister 1941 ***

JACKSON, KENNETH HURLSTONE; "A Celtic Miscellany", Penguin 1980

JACKSON, KENNETH HURLESTONE; "The Oldest Irish Tradition; A Window on the Iron Age", Cambridge 1964

JACOBS, JOSEPH; "Celtic Fairy Tales", Dover 1963

JONES, GWYN & THOMAS; "The Mabinogion", Dragon's Dream 1982 ***

JOYCE, P.W.; "Social History of Ancient Ireland", Vol 1 & 2 Benjamin Blum Pub. 1968 ***

KERR, MILDRED L., HARNES, ELIZABETH & ROSS, FRANCES; "Giants & Faires", Charles E. Merrill Co. 1946

KINSELLA, THOMAS; "The Tain", Oxford Univ. Press 1969 ***

KNEIGHTLY, THOMAS; "The World Guide to Gnomes, Fairies, Elves, and Other Little People", Avenel Press 1978

KNIGHT, GARETH; "The Secret Tradition in Arthurian Legend", Aquarian Press 1983

KRUTA, VENCESLAS & VERNER FORMAN; "The Celts of the West", Orbis 1985

LEAMY, EDMUND; "Golden Spears", Desmond Fitzgerald 1911

LEHMANN, RUTH P.M.; "Early Irish Verse", University of Texas Press 1982

LOGAN, PATRICK; "The Old Gods", Apple Tree Press 1981

LONSDALE, STEVEN; "Animals & the Origin of the Dance", Thames & Hudson 1982

LUCY, SEAN; "Love Poems of the Irish", Mercier Press 1977

MACALISTER, R.A.S.; "Tara; A Pagan Sanctuary of Ancient Ireland", Charles Schribner & Sons 1931 ***

MACCANA, PROINSIAS; "Celtic Mythology", Hamlyn Pub. 1970

MACCULLOCH, JOHN ARNOTT; "Religion of the Ancient Celts", Folcroft Library, 1977rep.

MACCULLOCH, JOHN ARNOTT; "The Mythology of all Races in Thirteen volumes; Celtic, Volume III.", Cooper Square Pub. 1967

MACLENNAN, MALCOLM; "A Promouncing & Emtylogical Dictionary of the Gaelic Language", (Scots Gaelic) Aberdeen Univ. Press 1979

MACMANUS, SEUMAS; "The Story of the Irish Race", Devin-Adair Co. 1981

MACNEILL, MAIRE; "The Festival of Lughnasa", Oxford, 1962 ***

MARKALE, JEAN; "Women of the Celts", Inner Traditions International Ltd. 1986

MARRIS, RUTH; "The Singing Swans & Other Irish Stories", Fontana Lions 1978

MARSH, HENRY; "Dark Age Britain", Dorset Press 1970

MATTHEWS, CAITLIN; "The Elements of The Goddess", Element Books 1989

MATTHEWS, CAITLIN; "The Elements of The Celtic Tradition", Element Books 1989

McNEIL, F. MARTIN; "The Silver Bough, Vol 1.: Scottish Folklore & Beliefs", Cannon Gate Classic 1956/1989

O'BRIEN, CHRISTIAN; "The Megalithic Odyssey", Turnstone 1983

O'CONNOR, FRANK; "Short History of Irish Literature", Capricorn Books 1967

O'CONNOR, NORREYS; "Battles & Enchantments", Books for Libraries Press 1922/1970

O'DRISCOLL, ROBERT; "The Celtic Consciousness", George Braziller 1982

O'SULLIVAN, DONALD; "Carolan: The Life & Times & Music of an Irish Harper", Vol 1 & 2, Celtic Music 1983

PEPPERS & WILCOCK; "A Guide to Magical & Mystical Sites - Europe & the British Isles", Harper Colophon Books 1977

POWELL, T.G.E.; "The Celts", Thames & Hudson 1980

QUILLER, PETER & COURTNEY DAVIS; "Merlin, The Immortal", Spirit of Celtia 1984

REES, ALWEN & BRINLEY; "Celtic Heritage", Oxford 1971 ***

RHYS, JOHN; "Celtic Folklore, Welsh & Manx, Vol.I"

ROLLESTON, T.W.; "Myths & Legends - Celtic", Avenel Press 1985

ROSS, ANNE; "Pagan Celtic Britian", Rudledge & Kegen Paul 1967 ***

ROSS, ANNE, & DON ROBBINS; "The Life & Death of A Druid Prince", Summit 1989 ***

RUTHERFORD, WARD; "Celtic Mythology", Aquarian Press 1987

RUTHERFORD, WARD; "The Druids, Magicians of the West", Aquarian Press 1978 ***

SEYMOUR, ST. JOHN; "Irish Witchcraft and Demonology", 1913

SHARKEY, JOHN; "Celtic Mysteries", Thames & Hudson 1975/1987

SJOESTEDT, MARIE-LOUISE; "Gods and Heroes of the Celts", Methven & Co. Ltd. 1949 ***

SMITH, LESLEY M.; "The Dark Age: The Making of Britian", Schocker Books 1984

SPENCE, LEWIS; "The Minor Traditions of British Mythology", Rider & Co. 1948

SPENCE, LEWIS; "The Magic Arts in Celtic Britain", Anchor Press

SPENCE, LEWIS; "British Fairy Origins", Aquarian Press 1946

SQUIRE, CHARLES; "Celtic Myth & Legend, Poetry & Romance", Newcastle 1975 ***

STEWART, R.J.; "Book of Merlin", Blandford Press 1988

STEWART, R.J., ed.; "Merlin & Woman", Blandford Press 1988

STEWART, R.J.; "Mystic Life of Merlin", Arcana Press 1986

STEWART, R.J.; "The Underworld Tradition", Aquarian Press 1985

SUTHERLAND, ELISABETH; "Ravens & Black Rain", Corgi Books 1985 ***

THURNEYSON; "Old Irish Reader", Dublin Institut for Advanced Studies 1968

TOULSON, SHIRLEY; "The Winter Solstice", Jill Norman & Hobhouse 1981 ***

WHITE, CAROLYN; "A History of Irish Fairies", Mercier Press 1976 ***

WHITLOCK, RALPH; "In Search of Lost Gods", Phaidon Press 1979

WILDE, LADY; "Ancient Legends, Mystic Charms, & Superstitions of Ireland With Sketches of the Irish Past" Chatto & Windus 1925

WILLIAMS, GWYNN A.; "Madoc, The Legend of the Welsh Discovery of America", Oxford Univ. Press 1987

WILLIAMSON, JOHN; "The Oak King, the Holly King & the Unicorn", Harper & Row 1974 ***

WOOD-MARTIN, W. G.; "Traces of the Elder Faiths of Ireland, Vols 1 & 2", Kennicat Pub. 1902/1970 ***

YEATS, W.B.; "Fairy & Folktales of Ireland", Pan Books 1882 & 1882/ 1973

YEATS, W.B. & LADY GREGORY; "Irish Myth, Legend, & Folklore", Avenel Press 1986

YOUNG, ELLA; "The Wondersmith and His Son", David McKay Co. 1927

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