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Pvc Pipe Manufacturer

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1. Pvc drainage Introduction
PVC has been applied successfully for sewer and sanitary drainage pipes. It is the proposal material for these applications. The reason for this success is the superior, all round performance of PVC piping systems compared to the other materials. Equally key factor has been the ability and readiness of the PVC pipe and fittings industry to adopt new technologyand design features relevant to the environment,and it will continue to be the on good performance in market.
2. PVC pipe sizes:
3.The application of pvc drainage pipes:
/1. Civil construction, industrial building, and waste water disposal and sewerage system.
/2. The residential area, plant area of buried disposal system.
/3. The urban water sewerage pipeline system.
/4. Water treatment plant’s water drainage piping system.
4.PVC drainage pipe characteristics:
1. Light weight of PVC pipe material is convenient for handling, loading ,unloading, and installation.
2. Excellent chemical resistance: PVC pipe has good performance on acid, alkali and corrosion resistance.
3. Small flow resistance: With smooth surface, its roughness coefficient is only 0.009, which is lower than other alternatives. Under the same flow rate, clients can have better choice of pipes with smaller diameter to keep the same flow capacity.
4. Strong mechanical strength: Its high resistance to impact is suitable for piping engineering projects.
5. Low cost of PVC pipeline project: PVC pipe is of quick installation and convenient transportation, which make the total cost relatively low.
5.Related complete fittings of pipe:
pvc 45 deg elbow、pvc vent cap 、pvc socket etc.
6.The trading details of pvc drainage pipes:
Brand: HUANA
Application: water drainage
Original: Shandong Province, China
Certification: ISO CE
Material: PVC
Payment term: T/T, LC
Delivery date: By T/T, it depends, usually within 30 days after receiving 30% deposit
Packing: Nylon bags with logo and brand printed
Life span: 50 yearsPvc Pipe Manufacturer

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