questioning "witchcraft"

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questioning "witchcraft"

Post by elmarna » Sun Mar 04, 2012 7:00 pm

I am not without the understanding of the coven and the "practice." In which spells and rituals are refered to in the "ways" to the beliefs.
While charms and penants are fear based. The significance of colour can not possibly speak in the ways of energy fields or spirits. It seems to be a belief meaningless,but, given meaning.
While the course of action is to explore, understand, and realize spiritual energies and place the self and the resources in proper perspectives... I tend to wonder why so much unecessary means to a ends is explored, maintained, and refered to.
"Spells" are a formula or recipie that works in the same avenue as prayer. To seek 1 and gather all that isconsidered for the ritual is not likely to be effective if the focus and the show of hands are not creating the world of it to open the doorway. It just becomes a lot of nonsense. A way where waving a magic wand "conjors. The wand is not the way of it. It is a prop,fluff! The connecting is the source (you).
I have watch other "ways" rushing to the books and investing a lot of time in manufactering what they find in them. All ready they have lost the objectivity that had the author respond to it.
Example - native americans in old times used sweat lodges. Those who still practice laugh at the wanna be indians as they go out of their way to construct 1 in the old ways. Why? They use a sauna or a steamed bathroom cleansed with sage.
I respect the man or woman who can bewell focused in spirit.- Respond wisely to the avenues of what the energy can do with a honorable light to it. I just can not understand the grand stand approach or wanting to do it to find importance.
It is in all aspects about "feelings" the sensitivity to the realm of spirits and the manifestations of all the ways it works.
I am saddened for those embraceing fear. In that respect. It belittles the very foundations of the craft.
It can never let them see or live to the full potential.
In the relationship of it -the bonds to life are 1 of the best things in life!!!
I just fail to see the attempts of so many to keep the beliefs in the dark age. To carry out a series of things that are not capable of channeling energy or improveing the doorways 1 turns to. It is like wasteing the energy you are looking to use just as spending money on a better bag than not responding to the encouragement of improveing what is in the bag!!!

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