serious discussion on magick and energy usages in the world and affects.
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Post by elmarna » Mon Feb 06, 2012 9:06 pm

Visualization is the key to focus in majik.or for some magic.
While the properties of focus are paramont the avenues of which we speak may be more upheld in visualization reinforcement.
To many ritual is enough. To me- no recipe is complete without the taste of the formula and the inspiration of the objectivity that performs the task.
Being it said the motivation and means to the ends is what has most supporting the art of majik.
I would never find it wise to go through the motions without the thought and feelings to support any form of which majik entails.
The beauty of it speaks of a world where we gather the strength to respond. Turn to the wisdoms in our service, and bring to life a "way" that let's our beliefs have a value and a voice upon life.
Example for those who do not understand the applications I described.
Your work day is filled with hostilities, frustrations, and just plain ugliness that must plauge your eyes and ears.
It is not likely a world you wish to support. It may not be a world considered in your worship.
Turning to the majik - we focus on the "ways" on which our ability to respond wisely can be found. I would immediately after getting out of work turn to a montra or chant stateing " I will not take this source of inspiration home with me."
Driving home I would capture the concept of leaving that source of inspiration behind and begin to redirect my energy on the world of my higher good and a good place to be. Arriving home - I would sit outside my house and say - I will not take that of work inside me. I will not take that of work inside my house!" ( Keep in mind the visualzation that your body is the house of your spirit coensides with the house you reside in and the syncrnicity is formed).
From this point of sitting outside you reach for calm and a well centered tranquility before opening the door. Weather it is through montras, meditation, or another method - once you succseed in doing so; (sometimes it takes me hours) 1 finally can open the door to the world of which we live and find our source of inspiration to turn to than that we left behind.
In the web of it all majik is never unwise unless the person engineering it is. It is a delightful accent to life that encourages and inspires if we want it to be.

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Re: visualization

Post by pheonix » Wed May 01, 2013 7:11 pm

wow..I love your concept..i will try to apply this visualization in my own everyday life.

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