the phoronic church -ancient Egypt

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the phoronic church -ancient Egypt

Post by elmarna » Sun Jan 22, 2012 1:21 am

For those who have read the books and followed egyptology- I can only give a geat sigh.
In my near death experience (N.D.E.) I was allowed to come back with my worship of my past life.
This was in the new kingdom 18th century. Pharoah Ahmose reigning and the kingdom was not corupt.
What you have grown to understand is far removed from those of the time worshiped.
I am here to clearify in the truths.
I will answer all questions related to worship as best I can. I do not claim to know everything.
I was in fact in my former life just a simple farmer.
I do still apply those beliefs and I feel they have enriched my life!
I welcome your questions and will do my best to get you to understand .
Stand up straight,fly right, forge ahead to a better and brighter tomorrow -HORUS

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