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Shop owner forced to close her business

Posted: Tue Aug 23, 2011 6:04 pm
by Librarian
Shop owner forced to close her business because of her Wiccan beliefs moves to Wirral ... -29242997/
THE owner of a spiritualist Wiccan shop who says she was forced out of business because of her beliefs is hoping for a warmer welcome in "open-minded" Wirral.

Sarah Murphy opened Lunacy at Sarah’s with two business partners in Crewe in 2006, selling Pagan and Wiccan products and offering tarot card reading.

But she says a campaign of intimidation was directed at them, including false rumours about black magic, Bibles being thrown at staff and protestors barricading the doors to stop customers entering.

The shop closed in 2008 and Sarah concentrated on her ghost-hunting business.
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