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Pleasantville woman devoted to her (witch)craft

Posted: Sat Feb 19, 2011 8:39 pm
by Librarian
PLEASANTVILLE — “Do I look like a witch?” Susan O’Toole asked.

Well, yes and no. Not so much when she’s behind the counter at her suburban Galloway Township store, but when she’s standing in her Pleasantville home — shelves filled with bottles of herbs and roots atop a glass case full of wands, the light shining through pentagram-covered windows and a burnt-out cauldron smoldering outside — we’d probably have to go with a yes on that one. Even in spite of her “When Irish Eyes are Smiling” apron.

O’Toole, aka Lady Lunash, a professional witch and all-around homeopathic healer, was raised in a culture filled with chanting, ritual ceremonies and the wafting of incense — two cultures, actually.
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