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For those new to wicca: websites to check out

Posted: Thu Jul 03, 2003 6:53 pm
by FyreGarnet
There is a list here for anyone new to wicca. They are all websites approved by people who have practiced at least some form of paganism.

This is a site that gives lectures as the author calls them of the wiccan religion. There are eighteen lectures. but it looks like more are coming.


Posted: Fri Jul 04, 2003 2:48 pm
by FyreGarnet
Okay, I have a couple more that might be intersting:

Avalonia is an amazing site for the beginner. There are lessons for people who don't know where to begin. And there are wonderful articles to read.

Here is a site of terminology that is used occasionally to often in the wiccan tradition. This would be good to look over before checking out a lot of other wiccan sites, or even pagan ones.


PS: Five, Four, Three, Two, One.

Posted: Fri Jul 04, 2003 3:39 pm
by Wbdsgnr1
I posted mine on the other thread.......... ooppss

and can I ask why this is Sticky?? Sticky is supposed to be like controversial issues and stuff.

blessed be

Posted: Sat Jul 05, 2003 8:35 am
by Guest
sticky can also be for important notices that people might want to refer to later but don't want to go looking for it. Very helpful if the site get's to be as large as 1,000 or more posts in each area.

Posted: Sun Jul 06, 2003 11:17 am
by Wbdsgnr1
I thought thats what announcement was for.

FyreGarnet -- thanks for the sites, I bookmarked them!! :)

Posted: Sun Jul 06, 2003 1:46 pm
by FyreGarnet
Well, here's a couple more:

It is called The Skys of Avalon. The author seems to know what she is talking about, with almost three years of practice. It may take a little while to load, so be patient. There are many links to many things.

Stardoves Wicca is a great site for any beginner. There are links to the basics of wicca and many fun things to do.

This is a wonderful page for learning any type of pagan tradition. Daven talks of the different traditions in each of his lessons. This was meant as an email class, with people turning in homework to him, but he archived it on the net. It can still be read and you can still do the homework, but you won't be able to get feed back from him.


Great Site!

Posted: Tue Jul 08, 2003 7:33 pm
by ShiningClover
Heres a site I started on. It gave me a great understanding about wicca and it also teaches about a few other religons. It also has a great amout of spells. Its forums or a little off but thats why I have this one ;c).[/url]

Posted: Sun Jul 13, 2003 10:21 pm
by Anonymous

Posted: Mon Jul 14, 2003 5:44 am
by Wbdsgnr1
I posted all my websites in that other topic........ i need to move them over here.......

but I gotta find that other topic first....... what was it called??


*goes off to find it*

Posted: Mon Jul 14, 2003 11:00 am
by Wbdsgnr1

Posted: Mon Jul 28, 2003 5:56 pm
by Anonymous
For those new I've done first degree, and many other studies as well with,

Correllian Wicca. ofers first degreeclases for [-o< free, then if you wish to continue you upgrade your membership.


Rev. Lady Triana Moonstone

Posted: Mon Jul 28, 2003 6:02 pm
by FyreGarnet
I'll have to check that out. I found another one that has mostly articles and stuff about learning to become wicca.

I think it might come to one of the articles, but you can navigate the site from links at the top to the index.

If you need help with it, let me know and I'll fix the address so you can get to the main page.


Posted: Sat Aug 09, 2003 6:32 pm
by FyreGarnet
I just found another website for the solitary practitioner.

There are some interesting things in the BOS there.


Posted: Sun Aug 10, 2003 6:51 pm
by FyreGarnet
Well, I found a few more.

The last one might not be as accurate, which Luciferish may say so, but I thought you could check it out.


Posted: Sun Aug 17, 2003 10:13 am
by Blaze Dawnlight
Here is mine as well....

School of the Sacred Flame it's Father Oak Tradition