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ShockofGod and RaptureReady

Posted: Wed Sep 02, 2009 5:00 am
by Gwydion112390
There's a fundie who works on youtube and has his own online radio show, called "ShockofGod"--

For one, this guy believes in Free Speech for Christians only--which he calls "Good free speech"--Whereas any non-Christian speech is ''evil liberal porn talk.'' He calls evolution ''evilution'', and is a staunch creationist. He is actively trying to get any Youtube videos or users which are critical of Christianity deleted and blocked. He believes Atheism is ''Satanism with lipstick'', and that Obama is a representation of or possibly the Anti-Christ. He has over a thousand supporters and is supported by Conservapedia, a Conservative/Fundie website which has had over 100 million views. Two, on his radio show he recently had a 2 hour special on the ''evil'' that is paganism and Wicca. ... Witchcraft

Then there's Rapture Ready, a fundie/Pentecostal site and forum-- ... Witchcraft
They believe, and actively hope, that we're in the period immediately before the 'Rapture'. Recently, a man was sent to prison because his daughter died of a relatively minor and easily treat-able illness because her father refused to get her treatment and instead prayed she'd get better. His prayers were unanswered and she died. Their reaction?

"They were doing as God said to do. They were praying and believing the child would be healed. They had faith and God answered their prayers. He healed the child, maybe not in our earthly selfish way, but in His Heavenly way. She is better off than any of us now. I commend the parents for their faith.You can't have it both ways. I commend their faith. The girl is healed, this is a chance for their testimony of faith to reach others. God will use it for good.''

''Thank God that the child really is healed, \:D/ just not the way this man wanted.''

Re: ShockofGod and RaptureReady

Posted: Thu Sep 03, 2009 5:20 pm
by Hytegia
We've been through this -

His name is ShockAweNow.

I'm his night time Advisary, so to speak. We go every night and kerPWN each other on his mic chats, and he will always ignore my points, dodge questions, and things that show that there is no use talking to the fool. It's damn-near impossible to get your point across and (I believe) if there were other people in there with me, then I'd atleast have some back on some of my points with the more intellectual Christians in the room.
He wanted to make a WebShow with ME discussing points we agreed on, but I have so far mildly refused - because I know that if I were to sit side-by-side with that buffoon on Internet Radio it would make me seem as Foolish as him, as if agreeing with his circular logic and infalliable logic of Biblic ("the Bible says So!") and moronic (Atheist: "I don't believe in God" Shock:"Prove that there IS NO GOD you ATHEISTIC FOOL!") perportions.

SOMETIMES it's reasoned discussions. But the rest of the time it's him hogging the mic. :D if you're intrested. I'm on every night!

Re: ShockofGod and RaptureReady

Posted: Fri Sep 04, 2009 4:09 am
by Crazy Healer Lady
Turn, turn turn...

Sounds like you've set yourself up for endless nights chasing your tail. Still, it's good exercise ;) Guy sounds like a real moron. It's morning for me, so I won't check out the links yet (I'll fill my moldable morning mind with Abraham-Hicks and happy tunes) but I will go to the links and have a listen a bit later. Thanks for posting :) He sounds like a real nut job.

Re: ShockofGod and RaptureReady

Posted: Fri Sep 04, 2009 6:37 pm
by Kitsune
I've seen a few of his things... perhaps not a nut job, but certainty not all there.

I simply ignore most of the "God is great" ones, since so many of them do fall to sin of Pride, and insist on throwing the first stone.