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Evilution - PWND

Posted: Thu Jul 16, 2009 10:02 pm
by Hytegia
This video is a Brainwashing clip, teaching the concept of "Evilution." It actually discusts me that he's threatening the kid in the movie with Eternal Damnation for believing in it... And then anyone who's forced to watch this in a church service will therefore be threatened by the Fat Moron Fundamentalist. ... re=related

The second, however, is made by my good buddy Thunderf00t. A scientist, he basically tears the other Video up systematically before spitting it out in hopeless shreds of squirming pustules and rotting flesh... And insulting the oblivious moron presenting it in the process.
And, ofcourse, the end of this video holds a VERY deep message for us all to listen to, and I think you'd enjoy.