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Big Love, Big Drama

Posted: Mon Mar 09, 2009 7:45 pm
by Mahala ... 4516.story

From the first article:
"Big Love," HBO's television drama about a polygamous Utah family, will air an episode March 15 depicting a sacred and private LDS temple ceremony, prompting an official response from the church criticizing the network.
Hmmm. And to quote a lady from the newscast, "We don't need our sacred rituals open to the whole community to be ridiculed and made fun of..." Does this remind you of anything?

Perhaps that ANY OTHER religious group mostly welcomes others in to witness such events, at the inviting group's discretion, so that the group invited will LEARN something from that. Maybe to be more accepting, more understanding of other cultures? And to NOT ridicule other's beliefs? This is why Pagans get so much crap, because we don't want our stuff out there either! :roll: Maybe if everyone knew more about each other, we wouldn't have so many fundies swarming around. But of course not. Nobody wants to let anyone that isn't a "worthy church member" in on their 'secrets' do they?