Do Pagans believe in hell?

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Post by SageWolf » Sun Oct 08, 2006 11:26 pm

BTW the only HellI believe in is when I stub my toe on my Husbands Steel Toe Boots and I yell Why the Hell Haven't you moved these out of the Front room?

I don't hate God all of them Have been pretty decent to me :lol: I Believe in the Goddess as well.. Now Heres a Kicker for the Fundie Chick. Why does God have to be just one? And Why does the Bible demoralize women?

Ever Read the 10 commandments? Thou Shall Not Judge Thy Neighbor... Hrmmm Does that mean your taking The embodiement of God into yourself and Judging us? Cause unless I'm mistaken (and I could very well be) That commandment right there is telling you that you cannot judge us for what we are Thats not your right. It's God's Right when we die and if there is a Heaven or Hell.(Sorry I don't remember which commandment that one is But I know it's there)

Sorry I'm going on again I'm good at that.

If you'd like to have Educated People Discuss the finer things of Paganism/Wiccian I'd bet even Budduhism Feel free to ask more questions, But Please don't JUDGE us for what we believe in and then try to persuade us that we are wrong, Try to read a book other then the Bible, You might become Enlightened. I recommend Celebrating The Seasons Of Life: Samhain to Ostara And #2 Book Beltaine To Mabon, you might be surprised what the Christians took from Earth Religions .

Ok anyway I think my Ranting is done. Thanks for Reading me :lol:

Sage Wolf

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