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combining magical efforts and mundane efforts.

Posted: Wed Jun 02, 2010 12:24 pm
by Lotus
hey guys,

Yeah, I've been away and very busy. My latest project is doing what I can to find a new job. Lately, I have been working on the mundane stuff like getting my resume pieced together and looking for options. Part of my struggle is figuring out what to go for and to do some soul searching. The time has come to jump out of this stagnation.
The other day I got a professional reading from someone very talented. I normally give myself tarot readings but I wanted someone from the outside to look in objectively. If I stay on the course of action that I am on now then by Fall I should have a new/better job. The reader (someone I've known quite well) was very shocked that I was not doing any sort of workings (magical) to push things along. Honestly, unlike other practicioners, my first idea or plan of action is not usually magic. The reading clearly encouraged me to blend the two efforts for better results.
Now, I have had friends in the past looking for work and they ignore the mundane stuff focusing on the magical. We all know that just lighting a green candle in the corner does nothing unless you get off your duff. I've got the getting off the duff part down pat but now it is time to give my mundane actions a better push.

Does anyone have any ideas to best combine these two forces (mundane action and magical will)? I have done this before but not with job seaching. Lately I feel motivated to go out and do something that I am intended to do. I feel very strongly that my work (making money) could be linked to myself (spiritual path). Ultimately I want to do something that is going to have a positive impact upon the world. Right now I feel like I am working for a company of the ultimate evil. There are just things that I disagree with deeply that makes me miserable. Also how people treat people who have my job is out of line. Someone has a crap job does not mean that they are crap. It bothers me seeing people gorge themselves on crap. Little kids should not be taught to drink milkshakes. Those are some minor botherances among many of the major ones. The expectations that this company has and some customers have translates to pure slavery. No seated breaks within a eight hour shift.


Re: combining magical efforts and mundane efforts.

Posted: Wed Jun 02, 2010 5:03 pm
by Kystar
I've really done a working like this once, and I used knot magic.

I braided and knotted a cord in the colors representing what I was looking for, green for wealth, blue for fulfillment, black for negativity banishing, and purple for myself.

I presented each cord, then, I stated why it was there. (I doubled up the green and black to make six...just for braiding). As I braided, I said what I had done to fulfill this need on my own. When I knotted, I verbalized what I expected the Divine and the Guardians to do. I tied it into a circle when I was done, and hung it in my room, over the shelf that served, at the time, as my altar of sorts. When the effort came to fruition, I buried it, to return it to the earth. I made it from cotton string so I could do that.

Hope this helps.

Re: combining magical efforts and mundane efforts.

Posted: Wed Jun 02, 2010 5:11 pm
by Crazy Healer Lady
You could, before printing your resume, write with lemon juice (sun symbol, fertility, abundance) symbols that resonate with you as well as your will for the person who can get you the right job see the best in it, and those who would give you awful jobs skim over or pass it along to those who could give you a good job.

Make a spell of a bowl, leave it near your door, and drop a quarter in every time you leave or enter your home.

My favourite, though, is making a list of your PERFECT job. Every detail. I left it so late as to write it out on my way to the first day of my job. Everything came true, including the awesome lunchroom with a giant comfy couch!

Really, any spellwork you do will just be amplifying the energy you're already putting out there while handing out your resumes. If you do spells for abundance and happiness, you'll get it, and the resumes are concrete action putting that into play.