Summoning - Winged Panthers

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Summoning - Winged Panthers

Post by Kitsune » Tue Mar 24, 2009 7:07 pm

Sorry it took me so long to add this in here... I'm still studying for that insurance course, trying to work on my editing, doing all of the house stuff and I just came down with a cold (just a little one... no worries, before anyone asks :-D ), so it took a bit longer to find the time than I though. This information is taken from the book "Magickal Mythical Mystical Beasts - How to invite them into your life by D.J. Conway". Strangely enough, this book has proven itself strangely correct in all of the creature depictions that I've contacted. A very good sign in any book of this sort.


Leopards in the Middle and Far East were known as panthers. In Greece, the panther was an animal of Dionysus. It's name in Greek means "All-beast," possibly a reference to Dionysus as "God of the All." However, this same title was also applied to the god Pan.

Winged Panthers appear in ancient artwork, statues, and bas-reliefs mainly in the Near and Far East. One Nepalese stone statue of a Winged Panther portrays the creature with feathers or fur on the front and back legs and a feathery crest on top of it's head. A piece of embrodiery from Java shows the Winged Panther with wings, feathers, or flames coming from the back of all four legs; its body is covered with rosettes. However, on a ceramic jug from the Islam era, 1215 - 1216, of Kashan, a Winged Panther is shown with a human head and a panther body covered with rosettes.

The Underwater Panthers of the Native Americans might be considered a type of Winged Panther, although they were never described as having wings. These Panthers lived deep under water and, although said to be evil and devious, were also acknowledged as having powerful healing knowledge.

Psychological Attributes: One who lives with confidence, but is quite able to protect him or herself and family with whatever type of magic or personal defense is necessary.

Magical Attributes: Very dangerous; not recommended unless you are an experienced or accomplished summoner or mage (or whatever term you prefer). A source of great wisdom and healing power, particularly with herbs. A guide and teacher of great ancient wisdom.
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