seeking advice about possible spirits following

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seeking advice about possible spirits following

Post by Kelreth » Mon Jul 16, 2007 6:47 pm

hey so am im back or wandering or what ever the strange thing i do is, lol

ok anywhos, more strange **** with me, one of my friends with whom i consult about life issues was talkin over the weekend. lot of crap went down over the last 6 months and coping is always different wtih me.

she said that i might have a spirit following me, or attached to me as i dont feel it, been fighting lonelyneess and depression lately as being at home over the summer has devoided me of the friends i hang out with the most. so im figuring its a depression spirit, either way, she says i need to get rid of it. she says i need to clean my self and my room, the room will be hard to do. My self i can do, yet am not sure how. I typically use active energy to purge or cleanse my self, this is not possible at home, the enviroment is not condusive to my ways. My father is somewhat old school in his ideals and even finds my adoration of the martial arts to be a bother. regardless, i do not know how to clean my self of this at home. I ahve 5 more weeks until i am back at school. I can survive the 5 weeks till school and purge my system of ill with the week before classes through the arts and working out.

My friend says i need to use some sage and pray, the first part is difficult, any strange smells will alert my parents and i dont profess to any faith so praying is a little hard. any one have ideas? i am rather fond of an pendent i wear, i have been temped to work with it and see if i can use it for any good with my self or for protection

though she also thinks i need to start seeing a shrink over all this as it was rather messed (the events that causes this, not the actual feelings themselves)
i am prone to free association. Basically whatever i think i type, so sorry if things get really erratic...

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Post by Windwalker » Mon Jul 16, 2007 9:29 pm

I don't hold to spirits doing that sort of thing. Depression, for me, has always been something within me. I don't think that, even metaphorically, seeing an emotional issue as something apart from oneself will help in the long run.

Seeing a shrink might help, but they're expensive. Bad times come and go. It's alright to feel down, anxious, depressed.

Sometimes our environments do affect how we feel. If you're feeling bogged down with emotions, clean your room. Throw the windows open and let the energies circulate a bit better.

Go for a walk. Exercise is a big help for depression anyway, as you've noted, but I recommend it because a quiet walk is a perfect chance to think. Don't take music with you, because this sort of introspection works better without it. Maybe you'll end up thinking about the birds in the trees, or the people you pass, or anything other than yourself, but the time alone is meditative. You have just yourself and the quiet of your mind.

The point is, when bad things happen, it's normal to feel bad. They're not something you need to purge yourself of, because they'll only come back. Better to understand the feelings, accept that you feel that way, and deal with them so that you can move past them.

That's what I think, anyway. Others may disagree. Good luck.
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Post by Crazy Healer Lady » Tue Jul 17, 2007 1:35 am

Hey Kelreth
Time and time again it seems like people miss the basic rule. If you are strong, you have no worry.

Strengthen your energy system. This is my sincere advice to you. Take Windwalker's advice and excersise. Meditate. Bring white light into your body and charge your energy system. Break attachments to what YOU do not need to be attached to. It may help to be in a meditative state and imagine a glowing or flaming sword swiped down your body, cutting all cords that are not beneficial to YOUR growth and health. Warning: This may be disorienting, and you may experience physical vertigo for a few moments, or even spiritual/emotional vertigo for a few days as the world in relation to those bad cords is unidentifiable.

This is the advice that is being offered through me, not as much by me.
Crazy Healer Lady
Health and happiness to you!

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Post by Kitsune » Tue Jul 17, 2007 8:31 am

Remember that it's possible to clear your space of any energy build-ups without using tools. We are the tools, the other pieces simply help us to concentrate. [-o<

Might I recomend some elemental energies may help?

If your room feels heavy and stagnant, place feathers and fiction books around to make it feel lighter and more airy!

Too much fire, making you feel burnt out? Add some calming blues or seashells.

Or perhaps it feels as though the weight of the entire ocean is filling your bedroom, you might want a few candles or perhaps a lion figurine to add fire to the room?

If lack of direction is the problem, bring in a small rock garden to ground you when you are there...

Or do all of these suggestions by making a small rock garden with a pond for a koi fish, a place among the rocks for a candle and a few feathers to hang from the front down the side of your garden and shelf, so that they sway in the breeze.

Even small changes to the energy in your room, even in subtle ways like those above can revitalize an area, and if it's an area as personal as your room, it can't help but revitalize your energy as well!

Hope it helps!
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Post by Dark Waters » Tue Jul 17, 2007 5:44 pm

As Windwalker says, Depression is usually an internal state. Feelings of worthlessness or "why bother" and it is important to your future mental health to be able to recognize and deal with them. Working through Depression is hard, but can be made easier with friends. And we are your friends.

That said, the Triggers for Depression can come from external sources as well as internal strife. Events, actions and yes, even malevoent spirits. You have to consider your friend, as we don't know her well enough to judge, as to whether or not her statements about spirits could be true. If you think she might have a valid point, then here are some suggestions.

Kitsune has good ideas about getting a anthesis to the negativity you've been feeling. They will help balance out and negate those feelings.

As far as "cleansing", some things I've found in my exploration might be helpful and are not as "smelly" as using Sage.

Sit in the middle of your room and root. This is visualizing the energies within you reaching down into the Earth and forming a "conduit" that allows you to tap the natural energies of Mother Earth. {It is also a great way to release excess energies after ritual or practicing magick} Draw the energies up to you and let them build within. When you have difficulty drawing more - visualize a sphere surrounding you. Let the energies flow to the sphere and as it fills, expand it. Have it push ALL energy before it. When you have expanded it to the size of your room - Hold it. You now have a "clean" and neutral space and it is yours. Let the energies flow back down the root and draw the sphere down like a deflating balloon. Now picture good thoughts, acceptance of help, friendship, etc. This fills your space with happiness and make it unacceptable for harmful spirits to enter.

The advantage of this method is that it requires nothing and reveals nothing. You could do it sitting in the same room with your father while watching TV and he would never know. Though his negativity would cloud the end goal of the exercise. Just as a point, we all have negativity we bring into our personal spaces, so redoing the procedure every so often is preferred to keep the area clean.

Other options would be to scatter salt over the area, work it into the carpet maybe so it can't be seen.

The traditional broom sweeping also works and is fairly quick. Let your energies flow into a broom {preferably natural components and blessed} and starting at the North end of a room with strokes that go from East to West, visualize sweeping away bad influences and negativity. For an extra boost allow the bristles to soak in salt water and dry.

Hope this helps you.
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