Charming Spell

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Charming Spell

Post by Jescissa » Fri Jun 15, 2007 1:48 pm

As well as the blessings you guys have been sending me, I attribute my getting through interviews and getting a new job to this charm.

As my failing interviews in the past has been due to me being quite timid and shy, I thought that giving my natural charm a bit of a boost would help me shine and help the interviewers remember me. I was careful to keep the charm with me, (I actually put it inside my bra because I had no pockets!!)

I believe it helped me a lot and I want to share it with you! Hopefully it will work the same way :-D

"Irisista-spell" originally by Marina Baker from 'Spells for Teenage Witches' (adapted by Jescissa)

1 Seashell
1 Piece of natural woven cloth
1 Hair from your head
1 Pink ribbon
Orange thread

- make a pouch by folding the cloth in half and sewing up the sides with orange thread
- make a slit at the top, make sure it goes through both halves of the pouch
- place the shell and hair inside the pouch
- thread the pink ribbon through the slits and tie in a bow to seal the top of the pouch
- close your eyes and feel yourself surrounded by golden, warm, confident circles of light
- keep the pouch with you to charm everyone you meet
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