Elemental Directions Poll

serious discussion on magick and energy usages in the world and affects.

How do you assign a Compass Direction to an Element?

I follow the book that has the spell/ritual in it.
I follow the method I was told by someone else.
I base it on the rough geography of the area I live in.
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Re: Elemental Directions Poll

Post by Dark Waters » Thu Mar 12, 2009 4:30 am

For Ritual purposes I tend to use the static standard directions.
Guardian of the East, Spirit of Air
Guardian of the South, Spirit of Fire
Guardian of the West, Spirit of Water
Guardian of the North, Spirit of Earth.

For the general everyday happenings I talk to them where they are, where I see them.

Generally I see/feel them as energies, but being the visual type I also tend to anthropomorphize them as well.

Air: a tall white male, blonde of hair and blue of eye, dressed in scholarly robes or conservative suit, intelligent but sometimes haughty. Think a cross betwixt Orlando Bloom and Brad Pitt (I will now give a minute for the ladies to clean up the drool =P~ ).

Fire: a strong hispanic male, dark hair with red highlights, dressed casually, think the essence of latino heat and passion. Take the confidence and suaveness of Richardo Montalban in his prime and add in the vitality and charisma of the young Antonio Banderas.

Water: a deceptively delicate asian woman, long hair so black it shines blue, dressed in flowing clothes, with the grace and hidden power of a tai chi and akido master This one is harder to give examples because she is more individual to me, but perhaps best by blending Michelle Kwan and Michelle Yeoh.

Earth: a lean black woman, skin of rich earth tones, dressed in close dresses or relaxed pantsuits, with just the feeling between mother's hug and queen's prescence. I see here someone with Tyra Banks drive and Whoopi Goldberg's charisma.
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Re: Elemental Directions Poll

Post by Lotus » Sun Mar 15, 2009 6:18 am

There was not really an option that fit me.

I was born in the spring and that is associated with the East. For reasons not to my complete understanding, I just feel more comfort starting in the East. Although the local Wiccans here start in the North, I believe the traditional way is to start in the East. East became a habit from my Ceremonial Magick days so, I answered the second option.

Perhaps because of my Gemini rising I prefer the East. Gemini is likened to Wind. Wind feeds fire and I am a triple Aries.

I have not been the same since that house fell on my sister.

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