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Missing Teen Search

Posted: Mon Sep 07, 2009 7:37 am
by Crazy Healer Lady
Hi, everyone :)

I'm working with a group of psychics (independent of any law enforcement, who have given up) and the mom in the search for a teen who disappeared two years ago. He came to my friend and Reiki sensei last month in a vision, giving details of where his body is. Mainly, the fact that he was so close to the train, that it goes fast in that area and is so close to him that it rumbles the ground.

We went out on the weekend to do a search along the tracks in the area. That night, the seven of us did a drumming ceremony where the teen came in. We all got some pretty heavy details.

The teen is trying to tell us where his body is, very hard, but his lower self is very distraught, and tends to ramble without telling us WHERE. He tells us how, why, and his emotions. He tried to tell us, very hard, but he is difficult to hear. He even created a picture for one of the group in her field, so that when she is clearer, she may see it. On the other side, there is powerful energy coming from the people who killed him, and it's all going into his body NOT being found. The mom does not want to press charges, or punish the people who took her son. She just wants closure. And the teen wants that, as well.

He's been coming to each of us with details. I'm pretty sure I **may** know where he keeps pointing to, but my experience on location of missing people, pets, and things is limited. We're searching that area today? but would appreciate any energy send this way for clarity. The teen has tried a lot to get the message across to me. Riddles, visions, etc, all while I am half asleep and less likely to project with my mind, but still, the exact location is fuzzy, and I feel that is a combination of a) expectation b) his "newness" to the idea of communicating in that realm and c) the energy pressing to hide his body. I think he will help in making part of his body visible when we do find the location, as it's been two years.

If any of you require his name, I'll be happy to give it in a PM. I just don't want this linked to him by search (as the PL is among the first of many google searches), and I don't want our efforts sabotaged anymore.

Thank you [-o<

Re: Missing Teen Search

Posted: Mon Sep 07, 2009 12:07 pm
by Max
Sending thoughts your way. :Luck:

Re: Missing Teen Search

Posted: Mon Sep 07, 2009 7:49 pm
by white_harmony
Sending many thoughts and helpful energies your way honey. I sincerely hope, for the teen and his mother's sake that they have closure soon. [-o<