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Help for Sister-in-Spirit Rona.

Posted: Fri Aug 14, 2009 8:26 pm
by Kystar
I'm not sure how much you need to send energy to a person...but I hope her "alternate ego" name and her association with me is enough.

Sister-in-spirit Rona has a messed up disc in her back. I can't remember right now if it's slipped, swollen or something else...but she had a problem recently where she slept slightly wrong and ended up passing out from the pain when she got up to use the bathroom. From what I understand it's one of those manage things situations...waiting for it to improve. I don't know if there's anything they can do short of what they're doing (chiropractic adjustments and pain management.) that I've explained...she's attempted to get in touch with the Reiki healer in her area, but they're not returning phone maybe they're not still working? Who I can't bolster her myself, b/c I'm not really all that good with Healing energy flow, could someone please send her some healing energy?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Help for Sister-in-Spirit Rona.

Posted: Sat Aug 15, 2009 5:16 am
by Crazy Healer Lady
I slipped two discs in my back last year, August (late 20s, can't remember the exact date). The only thing that helped the pain were regular treatments from my massage therapist (the best in the Valley), and my chiropractor (also the best in the Valley). Physio did nothing but put me in debt - money WCB was supposed to reimburse, and I couldn't stop going due to their policies. Still, pain. Still, I had to take days off work. Still, I had to spend time lying down. Ugh!

Anyway, for the last two months I have been seeing a healer from the BBH school named Hiromi. Last night, I felt my discs slip back into place. I'm not kidding, there is absolutely no pain. After a year, no pain!! I mean, everything is adjusting and settling, which can be painful, but no DISC pain!

This is what worked with me: Hiromi would sit me up mid-healing. At this point, she'd only done my one leg. She would go through with me exactly how that leg felt different from the rest of my body. She worked with me on this pretty intensely, getting me to remember this feeling. After the first healing, I slept solid for almost three days. I spent hours, hours, hours over the next two months remembering that feeling, remembering how perfect my body felt in my field. Sometimes what helped was to remember specifically how it felt when Hiromi was working on my back, legs, hip, etc.

Last night, my SO was rubbing his hands up and down my back. This, for the last year, has caused pain because it would shift my vertebrae and put pressure on my discs. It was mild last night, definitely not enough to overpower how good it felt otherwise, and then I got into this weird state. I thought, "Slipped Disc? Me? That does not serve me." I felt it shift. Suddenly, there was no pain. Suddenly, I can touch my heels to my bum with no pain. The smaller one is not yet where it needs to go, but it will be there within days, I am sure. It does not cause me as much pain as the other.

I am telling this not for a conclusion to my story, but to explain what has helped me and may help your friend. Keep in mind I went through months and months of personal work, hard, gruelling spiritual and emotional work. It affected my relationship, my finances, my quality of life, everything.

As a healer, I recommend finding a BBH graduate in your area (check here). Hiromi is something special, but all graduates go through n intense four years of training. After that, you, as S-I-S, need to help her to go into that state of rememberance. Remind her gently. Guide her through meditations on it. It will shift her intentions for her body and her life, and will help the healing process.

I hope that helps. Otherwise, I will definitely be sending.

Re: Help for Sister-in-Spirit Rona.

Posted: Sat Aug 15, 2009 4:53 pm
by Kystar
Thanks for the link and the help, CHL, I'll be sure to send the link on to her.

Since she's in Ohio, my ability to help her meditate and such is very limited, as I usually see her twice a year and she's sort the type to need someone there directing her meditation. Heck, I'm lucky I talk to her. Of course, I'll do what I can support her from much as I can.

HUgs. Thanks again.