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Simply Runes by Kim Farnell

Posted: Mon Aug 18, 2008 7:57 am
by Kitsune
I had each of my handfasting guests take a rune and cast it upon the ground during my handfasting, the idea being that how the rune fell, would tell the future of our relationship.

Since in a circle there is no right or wrong facing, I thought I'd make it so that any that fell face down would be reversed, but now I'm thinking it might be more reasonable to assume that they landed face down because they have no bearing on the situation... What do you think?

In addition, I bought the book Simply Runes by Kim Farnell, to help me interprete them, while I'm just starting my rune journey.

This book has different symbols for 4-5 of the runes than my set. I wouldn't even mind, but I don't know why this is the only book or information resource that has different symbols. I'm wondering if I should return the book and get a different one, or perhaps if Ragnar (or any of the other heathens) on here, may have heard of the book and know if it's accurate beyond the odd symbol choices? Thanks! :-D

Re: Simply Runes by Kim Farnell

Posted: Mon Aug 18, 2008 8:19 am
by Kystar
I would interpret the face-down runes as not applicable now, but something that may come up in the future...however, reading them reversed might give you a broader idea of potential hazards down the road. That could be a merging of the concepts, there. Something not in the immediate future, but down the road to be aware of.

That was an interesting idea. I never thought of that, but then again, I rarely use my glyphs.

Since I don't use a traditional rune set, I cannot give you any information. I created my own glyphs because, in part, of the discrepancies I found in various books and sources. And, because the established runes didn't talk to me...I'd meditate and focus, and I'd get conflicting answers. "You need to go forward, but yet you need to stand still and wait." That one was always my favorite. Or, better yet, was when I'd stare at the book, stare at the runes, and SWEAR someone turned around and wrote everything in Greek just to mess with me. I read at almost double my age limit, but yet couldn't make a single coherent sentence out of what was in the "meanings" of the runes. My one sister-in-spirit basically told me that when you stare at a book like that, but yet don't understand it at all, it means you're not supposed to use that tool.