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Greetings from Void

Posted: Tue Mar 21, 2017 9:35 am
by Void
Hello all and well met. I am Void, and Void is me. I am at the time of writing this, a 20 year old male. I have been studying religion since I have been old enough to understand what it actually was. I was raised in a Lutheran family and as I grew up, I realized that I did not entirely agree with certain doctrines or world views that the faith preached. Through the years I have researched many different religions, of which I will expand on if asked but at this point in time, it is not exactly pertinent. Through my studies I have found things that I agree with and things I don't, but eventually I always came back to a pagan umbrella religion. I still do not know exactly what I practice, as it is a meld of many different pagan views, but it feels right and that is what is important. I will gladly share any knowledge I have come across in my studies and meditations, you have but to ask. If I know something I will tell you, but at the same token, if I do not know I will not pretend otherwise. I believe in truth and honor, and I will treat you in an honorable way, all I ask is that I am treated the same. I have been an observer from the shadows for quite some time now, but I have finally decided to come into the light and introduce myself. I look forward to the beginning of a wonderful relationship with each and every one of you. I apologize for the long winded introduction, but I will conclude with wishing you all a blessed day.