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a Newbs Hello

Posted: Mon Nov 30, 2015 10:05 pm
by FaethSilverwolf
Hello everyone, My name is Faeth Silverwolf and I am a Newb here and just wanted to say hello.
I'm a solitary Practitioner since 2003 off and on. I was apart of a coven for about 6 months before the coven broke up do to corrupted leadership.
I am Eclectic with a Greco/Roman,Shamanic, Druidic Flare to my practices. I'm currently studying out of Christopher Penczak's book the Inner Temple of Witchcraft I am finding the foundation that I've always lacked in his book. So I'm going to keep studying and learning and enjoying the journey with his knowledge for the time being.

I have three cats, I'm an Artist and a book worm.