Why Religious Believers Are So Desperate for Atheists

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Why Religious Believers Are So Desperate for Atheists

Post by Librarian » Sun Nov 28, 2010 10:43 am

Has anyone here experienced this?
Why Religious Believers Are So Desperate for the Atheist Seal of Approval

If you hang around the online atheist world long enough, you'll notice an interesting pattern. Many religious and spiritual believers who engage with atheists seem very intent on getting atheists' approval for their beliefs.

Typically, these believers acknowledge that many religions are profoundly troubling. They share atheists' revulsion against religious hatreds and sectarian wars. They share our repugnance with religious fraud, the charlatans who abuse people's trust to swindle them out of money and sex and more. They share our disgust with willful religious ignorance, the flat denials of overwhelming scientific evidence that contradicts people's beliefs. They can totally see why many atheists are so incredulous, even outraged, about the world of religion.

But they think their religion is an exception. They think their religion is harmless, a kinder, gentler faith. They think their religion is philosophically consistent, supported by reason and evidence -- or at least, not flatly contradicted by it.

And they want atheists to agree.
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Re: Why Religious Believers Are So Desperate for Atheists

Post by Kitsune » Tue Dec 07, 2010 10:23 pm

Unfortunately not... I know precious few atheists.

The one I do know has looked at me and told me, "You seem so sure... It must be nice, knowing, like that."

I explained it like the sun. There's no proof that when it goes down it'll rise again, but it's something that you just "know" based on experience.
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