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Post by morgana » Thu May 11, 2006 7:48 pm

That whole thing stinks about your not getting your citizenship sooner. Here in the States I remember seeing a show in which someone went up to people on the street (American citizens, BORN in America) and asked them questions from the citizenship test, and the vast majority of them didn't get a single one right. So it seems that those who go through the whole "gaining citizenship" process learn more about the US than people who have lived here their entire lives. I wonder if that's true in all countries?
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Post by Ragnar » Thu May 11, 2006 11:46 pm

It is deffinately the same in Germany and Holland.

I got a copy of an example of the kinds of questions they are going to put on the "new test".

100 questions, about Germany. I only got 90% because I REFUSE to answer questions about idiot sports. ESPECIALLY when it is in the CULTURE section!!! :smt019 :gib:

But we did this, the neighbours and I, sitting in the garden a week or two back. The neighbours are 100% German born and bred. But only one of them got 90%. The others were at 65 > 85% level.

From various news papers and T.V articles, this is typical thgroughout Germany.

As a lot of you know, I have just taken one of these courses officialy.

The test was no problem. BUT the lessons. You would have to be a syphlytic, dyslxic chimpanze, to find it difficult. Yet these Russians, not all, but one inparticular who was a primary school teacher in Russia, were SO thick/stupid.

Four of them, for example, when being taught North, South, etc in German, could not understand. So one of those that did explained to them in Russian....lots of Russian babble....pause..."Houston we have a problem". Teacher "What problem?". "They do not know what North South East West means in Russian".

I mean here, they DID NOT KNOW THAT WHEN YOU POINT TO THE SUN IN THE MORNING; THAT IS EAST; OR THAT WHERE THE POLAR BEARS LIVE WAS NORTH. They had NEVER heard North etc used in this, or possibly any other, way. It was LITERALY like teaching a first year nursery school, without the puddles!!! #-o #-o

The Arabs were smart enough, no problem there. BUT they just could, or WOULD not understand parts of the constitution.

Equality for all, INCLUDING women. (Of course they wouldn't)

Freedom of the press. This was a REAL fog bank. They actualy found equality for Women easier to understand than this.

Freedom of opinion, and the right to publish such. Ha. They understood that PERFECTLY well. So long as no one said any thing THEY did not like. Anything against allah, No-ham-head, even various mullahs and country presidents/Royal familys.

They just WOULD not understand that in the Western press you can say more or less, what you like about any thing, and that we did not have the "duty" (as they put it), to make special exceptions for muslim/middle eastern religion/people/"culture".

There were others as well. But these were the most glaring.

It is THESE that the exams are meant to eliminate.(.. :-D).

But when you get a teacher that drills them in these questions before the exam, ie, if you get this question you are expected to answer XYZ, even if you think ABC" kind of thing. It defeats the whole object. #-o

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