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Movie Review - The Vampire Lovers

Posted: Sun Aug 07, 2011 10:38 am
by Librarian
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Hammer Films, 1970

starring: Ingrid Pitt, Jon Finch, Madeline Smith, and Peter Cushing

directed by: Roy Ward Baker

The plot: In 19th century Styria, a mysterious woman leaves her daughter Marcilla (Pitt) in the care of General von Spielsdorf (Cushing). Marcilla is soon bosom pals with the general's daughter, Laura. Laura soon suffers nightmares that she is being attacked, and her health deteriorates until she dies. Later, Marcilla reappears at the estate of Mr. Morton as Carmilla, where she seduces Morton's daughter Emma (Smith). Emma, too, begins suffering nightmares and her breasts show wounds. Emma's governess, Mme. Perradot, also falls for Carmilla's erotic overtures and becomes her happy slave. Some suspect vampirism, especially when local girls start turning up dead, drained of blood. During all of this, a weird Man in Black watches events from a distance (he turns up later as a doctor, deeming all the bloodless corpses to be victims of "heart attacks"). The dashing Carl (Finch) comes to Emma’s rescue, but can they stave off Carmilla's evil? And can General von Spielsdorf dispatch all the vampires to Hell?

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