Interview: Belgian Filmmaker Vincent Lannoo Talks "Vampires"

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Interview: Belgian Filmmaker Vincent Lannoo Talks "Vampires"

Post by Librarian » Sun Aug 07, 2011 10:34 am

2011-07-19 ... -vampires/
Vampires is a new film from IFC Midnight that hails from Belgium. (You can read our official review here) While the title of the film is about as generic as it gets the subject matter and content is quite original. It plays out more like a dark comedy laced with political satire more than it does a traditional horror film, but even for a horror fan there's a smattering of undead bloodletting and twisted comedy that is sure to satiate our most diverse tastes. I got the opportunity to talk to writer and director Vincent Lannoo, who called me all the way from Belgium to discuss his unique vision.

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