Magician Prescriptions In Canada - A Skeptics View

Now here's something to get steamed up about.
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Re: Magician Prescriptions In Canada - A Skeptics View

Post by Kystar » Fri Nov 20, 2009 7:32 am

Because Temp agencies consider people a commodity.

"Why pay this person top-scale wage when we can hire six kids right out of school for that?" was always what I figured ended up happening...b/c I'd be with a company for a number of years, get good reviews, get up the pay scale...and suddenly, one bad review out of like two hundred good and I'm gone.

Oh well. Not a problem now.
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Re: Magician Prescriptions In Canada - A Skeptics View

Post by Willow » Mon Nov 23, 2009 7:15 am

Ugh, temp agencies piss me off royally.

I was set to work for my mother's company for one summer but for some reason they only hired out of this temp agency. I had to go throught his 8 hour training day to learn skills such as "Show up on time for work." and "follow all safety rules."

Then, the day ended with how if we didn't get jobs, it was really our fault for not taking the first thing they offered us. We were told about all the people they called who couldn't work a night shift, because of kids, or not having a car to drive an hour out of town so therefore didn't have a job. So I put up my hand and said, "You said this lady couldn't work a night shift because of her kids and therefore she is lazy, wold you leave your kids alone for 8 hours over night if you didn't have a partner? I wouldn't I would go on welfare first. And you expect a person signed up with a temp agency to have the money to pay for an hour long cab ride even if they can't afford a car" There were about a million examples like this and finally I said, "listen, I came here to get a job, not get lectured by people who don't know me and seem more interested in bereating me than helping me." and I walked out, called my Mom's company explained to them what happened and got the summer job anyway because I said if I have to sit through that "training" again, I might hurt someone.

Oddly enough, they no longer hire from that company, but don't even get me started on what they told us about sick days. Essentially, you skip work only if you are dead, otherwise they won't call to offer you more jobs. People don't realise that germs spread, people need a day of sleep and they are recovered from the flu, that is way more productive than having 100 people work while sick (this happens in my husbands alw firm too, heaven forbid a lawyer not come into the office while sick!)

Anyway, back on topic, glad thigns are working out for you Ragnar!
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Re: Magician Prescriptions In Canada - A Skeptics View

Post by Ragnar » Mon Nov 23, 2009 8:16 am


It is KIND of on topic, because the course (na I call it a course, because of the training element, but you know what I mean), it means I don't have to think about agencys, so I can sit back and moan about them to my hearts content. :-D

And, aye, your "agency" sounds EXACTLY as they are here.

There was one time I was off, officialy, for a holiday (Leipzig with the cannon). ONE DAY! When I got home there was a letter to go to the office Monday, as my place had been taken. So I go into the office at the appointed time, and have to wait in the queue of Job applicants who, WITHOUT appointment, just turn up at the door.

So, an HOUR+ after my appointed time I get called in. "We have no more work for you, you are sacked".

Now I had been talking to these "job applicants" as they were coming out and getting issued with work clothes and contracts, for MY BLOODY JOB!!! And the boss sais "We will ring you when we have a vacancy". Aye, and I am Bloody Pricilla Queen of the local Woolworths. THEN they give you a GLOWING reference!!!!

In THAT instance, the firm I HAD been sent to telephoned me at home to ask me to come back. So it was nothing to do with "bad work" or anything. Just this "Jobs are a fair ground ride", you pay your money, get your three minutes on the water slide, then you have to go to the end of the queue to await your next turn.

BUT, like I say, that is all over now. =D>

What is even better is, that, as I said, it does not effect my other job. \:D/

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