Wicca Smackdown: Starhawk calls out the Pope!

Now here's something to get steamed up about.
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Re: Wicca Smackdown: Starhawk calls out the Pope!

Post by Mahala » Sun Jun 07, 2009 8:15 pm

A lot of new Wiccans make the mistake of hating Christians. I never have liked the fundies who are intent to bash on you with Biblical 'proof' of Wicca and Paganism being evil. That I do not tolerate. Now the Christians and Mormons who are open to accept other paths, I can tolerate, even if we disagree who's right or wrong and who does what. I can honestly say I know less about Christianity and LDS ways than Wiccan ways. (Even if I was LDS, I never fully understood all the little details of worship; I never paid attention to them.)

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Re: Wicca Smackdown: Starhawk calls out the Pope!

Post by Kystar » Sun Jun 07, 2009 9:32 pm

The word that gets under their skin the most was the word that was on my lips the most as a child in CCD. (Does anyone remember what that stands for? Byzantine Catholic...something like catechism, I think.)

Anyway...WHY. That got me in so much trouble with the nuns!
Nun: Such and such is a sin!

6 yr old Kystar: Why?

Nun: B/c the Bible says so.

6 yr old Kystar: Ok, but WHY did God decide it was a sin?
Oh, the times I got into trouble.

On the flip, the response I got to it from a pagan was fun. Made me realize I was where I needed to be.
19 yr old Kystar: Why does this book insist that the only way to do divination is by candlelight?

Other pagan from College: I don't know...maybe you should check another source, or ask your guide, to find out.
You say "Witch" like it's a bad thing!

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