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Spirit of the Bay

Posted: Tue Mar 21, 2017 11:57 am
by Void
This story took place when I was stationed at Ft Sam Houston in the Summer to early Fall of 2016. During my stint at Ft Sam, I was housed in a set of barracks called the starship. These barracks are fairly old, and followed the idea of mass housing in multiple bays. There were three other "sensitive" people housed in the bay with me at this time. One practiced a type of druidism, one practiced Asatru, and the last was a Christian who was raised in a tribe in Nigeria who still practice voodoo (closest thing I can relate it to). From day one of being put in the bay, I had felt something off about it. It wasn't a bad feeling, just a different feeling. At this time, I was just a fledgling in the ways of spiritual contact. I had been experiencing it for a long time, but I had no idea how to control it, or what was actually going on. Anyway, during the first few weeks, I noticed some strange goings on. I would come back to find things moved from where I had left them, I would feel a presence while meditating, and the bay as a whole had an unnatural string of good luck. At first I attributed these things to people messing with me, being close to a major Ley line, and coincidence. That was, until I started having conversations with the other "sensitive" people in the bay. I found out that I was not the only one experiencing objects being moved and presences felt. we decided to pay a little bit more attention to what was going on, and one night while I was on fireguard with the Christian we both had an experience. It was about 0100, and the entire bay was asleep. We had been talking about the different things out faiths believed and what his tribe believed. At the exact same time, we both felt a severe temperature flux and had the feeling that we were being watched. Looking down the aisle of beds we saw a figure. It was very obscure, and we couldn't exactly tell what it looked like. We got the impression that it was feminine and that it wasn't entirely there. At the same moment the other 2 "sensitive" people woke up. We all spent about a minute staring at the figure before it disappeared. Afterwards, we all discussed what we had seen, making sure that we had actually seen it. That is when we decided to call it Shadow Girl. I have since found out it's name, but as names are power, I will omit this part. Throughout the next week we had other sightings of Shadow Girl, and the incidents of changes increased. There were times, when we would leave the bay without being able to clean it properly on the day that command preformed a surprise inspection, and we would come back to find a perfectly clean and organized bay. Things would appear that people had lost previously. By far the most interesting experience that we had with Shadow Girl was this; The entire company was called down to the drill pad below the bays due to an alarm going off in the building. Everyone was accounted for and the building was clear. Our formation happened to be opposite the windows for our bay and as such had full view of the beds lining the wall. The entire bay, was able to see the shadow that flitted across our windows and feel the darkness that it emanated while we waited. The four of us saw something else. There were two figures in the windows that night. One was Shadow Girl, and the other, the other was something dark, and deeply wrong. We still have no idea what it was, but after that night there was a shift in feeling around the bay and none of us saw Shadow Girl again. Her presence was there, but She never appeared again.