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Re: What's this in my apple?

Posted: Wed Aug 27, 2008 3:17 pm
by Crazy Healer Lady
A basic survival guide is good, but they really don't tell you too much that you can't figure out on your own through trial and error. They don't usually go into how to hunt or even how to forage because it's such a risky subject, and so is how to test if something is edible or toxic. The old edition Collins Gem SAS Survival Guide goes into incredible detail, is small enough to fit in your pocket, and is actually handed out for young adults in Cadets. However, no book will make you able to light a fire in the rain! That comes with practice :D It's been a looooong while for me :(

So the basic ones that you find in your local Chapters or what have you has information that you can use if you've wandered too far from camp and are a day or three from a town. The SAS is for if your plane crashes in the middle of nowhere in any terrain and you're a possible weeks from the nearest village. Maybe I'm wrong on the ones you can find in the local mass-market bookstore: I just have not had the luck.

Re: What's this in my apple?

Posted: Wed Aug 27, 2008 4:16 pm
by Kystar
I've read about "Protein Starvation", actually, Kitsune. Mainly when I was reading a series of books about an Ice Age couple...Earth's Children...Clan of the Cave Bear was the first one.

Anyways...the subject came back up when Atkin's Diet popped up.

Yes, a diet of strictly lean mean (like rabbit) will eventually kill you. Lean meat does lack certain fatty compounds that the body needs to survive. I can't remember if they have something to do with staying hydrated, or staying energized, but I do know that without some form of fat, you will starve. And adding veggies that are mostly water doesn't help, so I've heard.

That's why way back when, they made travel rations out of rendered fat, dried fruits and veggies, boiled grains, nuts, and dried meat...basically made a granola bar out of it. You could either munch on it as is, or break it apart into a pot of hot water to make a stew/soup. That way, you got your protein, carbs, vitamins & minerals and fatty bits all at once.

Though, I think if you mixed it up with fish, nuts, berries, and stuff you might be okay, for a while. Not long term, but to get out of an emergency situation.

According to what I've heard, the best survival guide is the one the US Military issued about 15 years ago...though, I think the modern one is okay, too. Hubby used to study that stuff...he's got like three around here somewhere...someday I might actually make myself read them!

Re: What's this in my apple?

Posted: Thu Aug 28, 2008 3:43 pm
by Kitsune
Very interesting... At least now I know what it was about. :-D

Grimwell is interested as well actually. That's why I usually ask him for info on it.

I remember mostly because I used to watch the Survival Guy when I had TV, and although I'd read it before, he'd been living on Bunnies for week and said that it was lucky that the plane would be flying in to pick him up the next day... He was actually getting worried about it, since he'd been doing hard labour (he was in the Northwest Territories around Midwinter, and he goes in with nothing but a tent, a sleeping bag, some rope, a knife, and his video camera and stand, I believe) traveling to where he had to be picked up.

It's a really interesting show actually. He shows you how he survives in various landscapes, all at least a week traveling with no civilization around. He's very interesting, since he'll make it a point to tell you about what's dangerous, what's not, and what's just plain interesting, about the landscape he's in! :-D

Re: What's this in my apple?

Posted: Fri Aug 29, 2008 9:56 am
by Bandersnatch
Just to clarify.
Fat is where most animals store vitamins and minerals to use when times are lean. So eating the meat of an animal with a high fat content gives a person the most bang for your buck but there are problems with a high fat diet. And I am not talking about heart attacks, etc.

When our bodies burn fat for energy, we do not do so well. It produces left overs (ketones) which build up in our blood stream and are toxic at high levels. That is what makes diabetics sick if they do not get insulin and can also make anyone who is on a high protein diet sick because we usually get our energy from sugar and carbohydrates (our bodies metabolize sugars and carbs much easier).

So in a survival situation, if it is a short term situation, foods that are high in fat are better to keep you going especially if there are no other foods available. They contain energy and vitamins and minerals which your body needs to keep going. Over the long term you do need to have a more balanced diet to stay healthy though.