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Love of Pumpkins

Posted: Mon Feb 12, 2007 9:08 pm
by forgotten oceans
"What is it like to be a witch?"

A woman was asked by a co-worker, "What is it like
to be a witch?"

The co-worker replied, "It is like being a pumpkin.
The Goddess picks you from the patch, brings you in, and washes all the
dirt off of you. Then She cuts off the top and scoops out all the yucky
stuff. She removes the seeds of doubt, hate, greed, etc., and then She
carves you a new smiling face and puts Her Light inside of you to shine
for all the world to see."

This was passed on to me from another pumpkin.
Now, it is your turn to pass it to a pumpkin.

~author unknown

I know we've heard this one before, but I thought it should have a place of it's own. It kinda touches me every time I read it. :-)

Posted: Tue Feb 13, 2007 5:05 am
by iriseyes
That is one of the coolest things I have read.

Thanks for sharing :-D

Posted: Tue Feb 13, 2007 5:35 am
by Willow
Very cute, I like it.

Posted: Fri Mar 09, 2007 6:12 pm
by Aislin
Squee!!!! *hugs you all* tell it again!!! tell it againnnn....please?

Posted: Sat Mar 10, 2007 8:39 am
by SageWolf
Thats Very awesome I like it.