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Yellow Gate

Posted: Sun Jul 30, 2006 12:40 pm
by MettaPax
Greetings! :-D

Well, I wanted to share something I have been working on, still working on, but I have found even in its incomplete state is helpful. :-)

Everyday on my way to work I see a house with a yellow wall and yellow gate. In the center of the gate is iron work of a lotus flower abd buddhist symbols through the workings of the gate. Beyond the gate is a house where Buddihst monks live and an awning with 2 twin statues of Budhhas underneth.

Long ago I had a fantasy about this place, what is beyond the gate, what is beyond the statues and the house, which has turned itself into a sort of guided meditation. Here is the first installation, please tell me what you think.

Metta Pax [-o<

As I press my face against the cold yellow iron gate the gate opens and the clouds part.

The rain beyond the boundary to the outside world stops at the yellow gates and I walk into the light of the sun. I am dry again. As I am now beyond the boundary of the gates the sound of traffic can no longer be heard instead I can hear birds singing and a butterfly floats past me on a cool breeze. I follow it over to the marble canopy and there is the Buddha with folded hands, palms up in his giant lap. He is smiling down at me and I hear him say in the most beautifully calm voice, “Hello my child, my sister, my friend. I have been waiting for you. Come and sit here in the comfort of my lap, meditate and be the enlightened being you are meant to be.” I crawl up his huge feet and sit in his lap with folded hands. My eyes grow heavy as a feeling of surrender sweeps over me and they close.

I see a burst of blinding white light and then darkness. In the darkness there is silence. The silence consumes me, it is deafening. Is subsides and a low hum can be heard very far inside. A red glow begins to form out of the darkness and as it grows brighter and brighter the hum grows louder and louder until at last there is nothing but red and the sound is not a hum but the blessed OM from within. And I feel my genitals warm and a spin begins to grow there and I am red. And the spin cycles up into my groin and the red fades into orange. The tingle of orange invades me and I am orange. Whirling up my spine, energizing every bodily sense the orange fades into yellow as it reaches my solar plexus and I feel the heat in my stomach and I am yellow. Swirling round and round the climb continues into my chest and yellow fades into green, the green of my mother, and my chest breathes like ice and I am green. Slipping past my lungs, cycling faster and faster the twirl reaches my throat and green turns to blue. Blue encompasses me and I am blue. My whole body shakes as the energy climbs still further up into my brain, into my third eye and blue fades into violet; bright, vivid, succulent violet and I am violet. My body hums with rainbow delight and as the circulation reaches my crown a burst white light explodes, my body quakes and trembles in the glow of my own light and I am white. The white dyes down into a whispy mist and I can feel that mist upon my face and I am glowing and in tune and I am OM.

The white dyes down into a whispy mist and I can feel that mist upon my face and I am glowing and in tune and I am OM. Out of the OM comes the whisper of words and with its final syllable my eyes open, all three sensitive to the bright light of day. After a few blinks I notice a butterfly float past me, so I climb down from the Buddha’s lap, face him, place prayerful hands on my forehead, then lips and finally heart as I thank him and scuttle off to follow the butterfly.

It flutters near a bush of lavender, resting on one of its flowers. I gaze at it, appreciating its vibrant colors and simple form of beauty and smile on the inside as well as the out. I watch in awe as it flutters up and over a wall of green jasmine leaves with not one white blossom in sight. I approach the wall and its leaves twitch as it asks me on the breath of the wind, “What’s the magick word?”

I draw a blank and then I remember the whispered words held in the OM.
“I AM.”

The green wall blooms with white fragrant flowers baring the seductive scent of jasmine and a door opens and I enter beyond its boundary.
Giant junipers encircle a beautifully manicured Zen garden. Its maze leads to the center where there rests a pond made of dark water and stone. I make my way through the maze effortlessly and thoughtlessly as if I had already run it a million times before… it is the labyrinth of my life. Defeating the web I draw near the water and see in its reflection that which is the crone of my own self, old and wise carrying death in her left hand and rebirth in her right.

I step into the dark cool waters of the crone’s cauldron pond, immersing myself, accepting and beholding the darkness that brings light and I am unafraid for I know… I AM. There is a force under the water that holds me under the surface but I trust it and the water enters my lungs and all sense of logic falls, I trust and I breathe freely the dark water like air and with this acceptance I am released. I dive through the top of the pond and the water ejects from my lungs and air once again rules.

Posted: Sun Jul 30, 2006 8:11 pm
by Crazy Healer Lady
That is incredibly beautiful and moving.

What an inspirational guided meditation. It's like poetry.

Posted: Mon Jul 31, 2006 9:39 am
by MettaPax
Thank you CHL! :-D

There is more where that came from. ;) It just flowed from me and is still a work in progress but I would love to share it and get feed back. I can see one day doing some illustrations for it and maybe putting a lil book together! WOO HOO! =D>

Posted: Tue Aug 01, 2006 4:28 am
by Willow
that was quite lovely, I would definitely like more.

Okee dokee... second installment.

Posted: Tue Aug 01, 2006 5:31 pm
by MettaPax
Continuing the “yellow gate” fantasy…

As I wade out of the pond I notice there is a white gown made of light cotton upon a large boulder and I put it on. It feels soft and fresh against my newly birthed skin. A butterfly flutters past my face, the air from its wings beat wafting my nose the slightest bit as I blink and follow it. The maze of shrubs parts as I pace the trail of the flying insect which leads me to a small opening in the juniper trees, a dark opening. No light from within can be seen. I stare into the darkness intensely, intently. The butterfly flies into the shadows instantly disappearing. Focused I walk through the opening and the junipers close behind me.

I stand there for a moment waiting for my eyes to adjust to the darkness. As they do I can make out the faint outline of a dense forest. The aroma of fertile soils and decay of terrain over power my senses. I feel rich earth beneath my bare feet, edging between my toes. I listen. There is a muted beating sound.

I question myself: Is it my heart that I hear? No. I stay very still and listen and I feel my body open up to this strange place around me and beating grows louder and closer to me. I feel it quaking in the earth under my feet, louder and closer but I am still and silent and unafraid. I try to move and realize my feet are below the earth. Vines have climbed up my calves, holding me I am caught there, immovable and I feel a panic begin to grow in me.

The sound grows so loud it feels like it is on top of me and instantaneously I am surrounded by prancing stags. They are everywhere, running to and fro in a chaotic dance that only wild beasts know the rhythm to, weaving in and out of one another and the darkened trucks of trees, demonstrating faith in their flow with nature. Horns glimmer in fragments and I look up to find the moon piercing the forest roof, full and glorious even in the density of leafless trees.

As my eyes drop back to my surroundings I am surprised by the sight of a large stag sauntering slowly up to me. His posture is regal, his horns crowning him, his nostrils flare with panting breath, his eyes fixed on me. He stops in front of me, no more than a foot away and I feel hypnotized by his stare and at ease again. In my mind I hear him speak, his voice is low and booming like a drum, “What are the magick words?”

Bewildered I look at the ground feeling lost and confused. I see my legs entwined in dark vines, my feet buried in the lush soil and my heart beats heavily in my ears. I hear it and repeat what it has said to me with a shout over the still beating hooves upon the dirt, “Earth is my body!”

They suddenly stop the dance and stare at me for a moment before turning to the forest and slowly walk back into the far reaches of the darkness. The vines untangle themselves from me and I am free. It is silent again, only the voice of the night can be heard in the crickets that hide under leaf and the creak of tree branches over head. We are alone together, the stag and I, still face to face.

He bends forward and nudges his head under my right hand, moving closer to me. I smooth my hands along the course fur of his neck. He rests his body lightly on my side and I straddle him, hugging his back. Securing my arms around his neck there is the bay of a wolf in the distance and he takes off in a fierce run.

Posted: Tue Aug 01, 2006 9:03 pm
by Crazy Healer Lady
That one strikes me deeply.
Mother Earth has been my saviour many times over, my mother, and nothing moves me more than to have my heart beat in time with her's. *Sigh*

This is incredibly beautiful :D

Posted: Wed Aug 02, 2006 7:22 am
by MettaPax
:-D Thanks very much CHL! I :lol: t makes me very happy to have it appreciated. :roll: Most of my writer frineds are normies, they just don't get it. #-o It's actaully very complex, :-D yet simple... if you know what I mean. ;)

Next installment to come soon... outtahere:

Posted: Wed Aug 02, 2006 8:30 pm
by Crazy Healer Lady
Writer friends... Normal??

Writing is an art, and only MAD artists are good artists! :lol: (Mad, or weird, or ecstatic, possibly spiritually so).

Posted: Fri Aug 04, 2006 6:59 am
by MettaPax
Crazy Healer Lady wrote:Writer friends... Normal??

Writing is an art, and only MAD artists are good artists! :lol: (Mad, or weird, or ecstatic, possibly spiritually so).
:-D It's true... IT'S ALLLLL TRUE! ;) But what I mean by "normie" is that they are not pagan... they don't see the beauty and compulation of the GM. :-? Kinda a bummer but hey! :-D At least your enjoying and that makes it all worth while! \:D/

Okay kids... next section:

I can not see anything but the smear of scenery whizzing past us in a frenzy of subdued colors. My body huddled close to his I feel the vibration of his hooves hitting the solid dirt of the woodland floor, seemingly faster than I ever thought possible by a deer. I notice the colors getting lighter and the density of trees thinner. I look at the forefront of our gallop and see a clearing ahead.

No…wait! Not a clearing! A mountainside in the distance… a mountain side across the cliff we are swiftly approaching… a cliff coming on quickly and he is not slowing. Our hearts beat in rhythm, our breaths heaves in unison and my head spins as I burry my face into his neck but I feel faithful. I trust him, I have no other choice. At this moment I belong to him and I accept it, embrace that my life is in his care as we race towards the drop.

Suddenly smoke surrounds us. All I can see is the cloud of dust we are absorbed in. I am holding my breath and I realize I can no longer feel the pulse of his sprint. As I let out the held sigh the dust begins to settle and I see the infinite stretch of space between us and the mountain wall forever in the distance. A rock formation hovers in the center of the expansive void a great distance away. My eyes wide I slip off of his back. I feel the sandpaper lick of his tongue on the side of my face, then he turns to depart back into the woods.

I twist to watch him go, but there are no woods and I blink in bewilderment as a butterfly glides past me towards the east where the sun is rising. I am standing in the center of the chasm on top of a giant boulder. Far off I can scarcely make out the edge of the cliff, the still settling cloud of dirt and the bounce of the stags tail disappearing back into the woods. I turn towards the sun and admire its warm touch. All around me there is nothing, just vast space and sky. I peer over the edge of the rock balancing so as not to slip off into the void but I can not find the bottom of anything. Below me is only a thick haze resting in the midst of the seemingly endless chasm. Above me, a brightening sky aglow with pink tinted clouds of a new dawn.

A strong wind beings to grow and my dress laps around me viciously, whipping at my body. My hair flailing round my face strikes at my cheeks making it even more difficult to see. The wind beats at me from every direction, changing course every moment or two. I hear whispers in the wind, familiar chants of an ancient language long forgotten. A low whistle vibrates through the rock and as the wind grows it turns into a howl. I take a step back fighting the push and pull and the sound changes to another whistle. Lifting my foot the howl returns and I see that I had covered a small hole in the rock. There are several small holes about an inch in diameter scattered about the face of the boulder on which I stand. I cover the hole again and the howl returns.

I smile and closing my eyes I spread my arms wide and welcome the wind racing about me. I breathe in the warm frantic breeze and hear its tune throb through my body. I place my foot over another hole and the tune begins to make itself known. I dance around the rock following the breezes path where ever it leads me, which ever way it sways my body. We are one, the wind and I, and because we are one I have no fear. A low rumble can be felt from below the boulder and a howling voice is heard upon the wind. “What are the magick words?” As the tune progresses words can be heard in the pulse of my own breath until at last I can not deny them being spoken, “Air is my breath!”

The breeze halts. My eyes open to the brilliant light of the sun and the boulder drops from beneath my feet, but I am not falling. I still hover as the rock once did. I hear sharp sounds repeatedly above and a gaze up into the bright sky. There is a massive dark haze high above me, swirling about like a dark cloud tousled by a brutal wind. It swells in size as the piercing sounds become louder and louder. Unexpectedly there are crows all around me, clawing at my gown. Their caws carry the same tune as the wind and I played but moments ago. They lead me to the east and down, down, down into the smog of the chasm.

Posted: Sat Aug 05, 2006 7:42 am
by Willow
You are very descriptive, I like it a lot.

Posted: Sat Aug 05, 2006 8:01 pm
by Crazy Healer Lady
Me too

Are there more? This is very neat!

Posted: Mon Aug 07, 2006 3:06 pm
by MettaPax
:-D Yup... there's more but it's at home... :-(

Next post will be the last of it I said: still a work in progress, but with interest maybe it will inspire me to finish it. ;)

Thanks very much! It makes me so \:D/ happy \:D/ to know that you are enjoying this! =D> YAY! =D>