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Blessed Be!

Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2012 6:01 pm
by elmarna
Blessed Be!
In all words said. - this is one of the most profound! It calls upon the concept that reaches to a world maintained in the beauty and magnificence in life! While many may point out the benifits or a resource of good fortune; I tend to think it pales in contrast to the essence of the glories contained in the "ways" of blessings!
In the course of action blessings are always ound with a good and positive outcome. While the service may be manifested in a catastrophe,a improvement of health, or so many different aspects it comes in. The resource of it is a cornerstone to a world able to rise above and improve, enrich, and inspire the spirit.
It is not a service. It is - a "state". It offers up a greatness that can transend and communicate a world of wisdoms to live by.
The revenue of it is something I work on and support not only in philosophy, but, in a window that complements the state of "grace". Like ying and yang!
You may not see it like I do. You may even just consider them words in a greeting in politeness.
I tend to feel when said my mind body and spirit "hales "to the subjectmatter in a high energy level that "revelles" to it!
Whatever you have considered when the words are spoken I hope that at least greatness comes to mind.
The greatness of you. The greatness of the ways. And the greatness of life!!!