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Familiar Tales: Stories of Our Familiars

Posted: Mon Mar 08, 2010 8:37 pm
by Hytegia
Hey people!
I just wanted to post a new thread - one you should all surely enjoy.

So, tell me about your favorite or most awesome story about your Familiar... ^^ I know there has to be atleast a couple on this board.

Re: Familiar Tales: Stories of Our Familiars

Posted: Tue Mar 09, 2010 7:10 am
by Kystar
I have two good ones.

Before, I would occasionally suffer from nightmares. One night, after three particularly bad dreams, I realized that every time I snapped out of a nightmare, it was because my Noche (My black cat with a few white hairs/spots) was gently bopping me in the face with her paw. Sort of like "C'mon, Mom, wake up. It's just a dream." And she was doing her hunting chittering noise to the shadows around my bed too. Finally, after I was awake, she curled up next to my pillow and began to REALLY purr. She's not a major purr monster...not like my s-i-s fire engine cats who you can hear across a semi-noisy I know she was putting intent into the sound. The rest of that week, I didn't have a single bad dream.

The other one I've got is something that happened twice...but the first occurrence was a bit more impressive.
I went to get my wisdom teeth out a few years ago, and it required surgery, so they knocked me out. I react fairly poorly to anesthesia, and it is very hard for me to get clear of it. Unfortunately, Hubby couldn't take the whole day off when I came home, he got me settled on the couch, made arrangements for a neighbor to come check on me later, and had to leave. What I remember is every hour and a half to two hours, waking up to the changing of the feline guard. I was sleeping sitting up so if my mouth bled I didn't choke, and my two furbabies were taking turns sitting in my lap, purring to me. Usually, Noche and Kali fight like crazy...with Noche being all huffy and hissy. That day, they passed each other with no problems, no hissing, no swatting. One going up, one going down. They would cuddle down facing away from me...and would watch our front door. I learned from my neighbor that when the other was out of my lap, they were sitting in the kitchen, watching the back door. Don't know if they were guarding or just waiting for a human to show up and help.

The kitty guard happened after my reduction surgery, too, but they did it at night while Hubby was sleeping. Once or twice, they slept on either end of the futon, head and feet, facing the doors. And once, Noche woke Hubby up when I woke up and needed him, but couldn't call him b/c my throat was too dry. She snapped awake, looked at me, looked at him...and then pounced on his lap (He was asleep in a chair).

And those are my really good stories. I mean, I've got stories of them chasing shadows out, and growling at nasty things that were trying to get through my wards, and playing with fairies, but that's more cat-ness than familiar behavior.

Hey, mods, would it be possible to add a few animal emoticons that aren't angry?

Re: Familiar Tales: Stories of Our Familiars

Posted: Tue Mar 09, 2010 8:17 pm
by Kitsune
Grimwell's familar will do the same thing actually. If I stay home sick for the day, he'll cuddle up on the bed and guard me for the day. At one point, he wouldn't let me stand up... apparently he didn't think I looked healthy enough'

I'll post more of my little kittens though when I'm more awake. :lol: :roll:

Re: Familiar Tales: Stories of Our Familiars

Posted: Wed Mar 10, 2010 7:44 pm
by Crazy Healer Lady
My kitty (Ivy) had this awful habit of biting jewellry and pulling. She still swats gently, but has stopped the biting. Since both my husband and I wear necklaces (mine for my engagement necklace, his chain for holding his wedding ring while at work), we were both affected. Chris would be sleeping and having a nice, normal dream and talking with his parents or a coworker, who would suddenly lunge at him and start strangling him. He'd wake up to find the kitty with her paws on his face pulling his chain with all her little might. :lol: She recently jumped up on a client of mine during a healing and proceded to tug on her loop earring. O_O The funny thing is, this helped the healing quite a bit.

The ratties are always eager to share breakfast with us ^__^ We had a "meet-up" so to speak with all out mammals. Two female rats (now infertile due to their age), one male rat, and my cat. Ivy stayed curled on my lap as she's still timid of the rats (understandable, since the male is the size of a small football!). Hara, one of the females, proceeded to crawl directly into Ivy's tummy fur and start purring (yes, rats purr). It was the most adorable thing I've seen.

Ivy has now started waking me up in the middle of bad dreams. She sleeps curled around the top of my head on the pillow - we call her my cathat. I never have bad dreams when she sleeps there ^_^

My first cat scared the heck out of my dad. I got this cat when I was 3, and would take it into the bathroom with me when I had to go. My dad woke up in the middle of the night hearing someone using the toilet. Immediately, he thought it was a burglar, because he was the only guy in the house, and it was obviously a guy peeing. With some sort of weapon in hand (I'm sure the broken gun we had), nervously he reached his hand through the door and slammed on the light, only to find my Sneezy Puff (No, I didn't name him) squatting over the toilet.

My dog Jake was very protective of me. She was always there with me - wanted or not - when I climbed up the mountain and forest alone as a kid (as young as 7). She taught me a lot when she died. I remember her following very gravely when I was learning to mow the lawn. I remember hearing her nails clipping on the floor after she died, and her spirit checking on my niece. Never a bear or deer could get near our yard or our fields under her watch. She looked like a cougar but always kept us safe.

Re: Familiar Tales: Stories of Our Familiars

Posted: Wed Mar 10, 2010 8:13 pm
by Kystar
Crazy Healer Lady wrote: Ivy has now started waking me up in the middle of bad dreams. She sleeps curled around the top of my head on the pillow - we call her my cathat. I never have bad dreams when she sleeps there ^_^
Noche did that until she got too big. I started playing Pillow-tug-of-war with her for enough room to sleep when she was just about a year old. Used to wake up when all four kitty paws were shoving my head off my pillow. After a few times getting dropped at the foot of the bed for clawing my head, she stopped.

Now, she MUST jump up at the head of the bed, and go behind either my head or Hubby's heads along the headboard before she can walk between us to lay down. It's a way to identify which cat is on the bed...b/c Kali will crawl up from our feet.

Re: Familiar Tales: Stories of Our Familiars

Posted: Thu Mar 11, 2010 7:08 am
by Hytegia
My first Familiar was a Husky/Wolf crossbreed -
I loved him soooo much. :(

We live in Alabama, so it's not unusual to see a few dogs running around without a leash in an urban area (as long as they dont cause trouble, they're fine). My Familiar, Koschak, was a neighborhood dog onidering that I let him run wherever he wanted to. We had alot of fun adventures when I was younger.
But, my favorite story?
So, imagine a winter day. It's about 9:15 AM , near the end of first block. I'm just sitting there, and Koschak walked into my classroom... O.o
The teacher hasn't seen the big guy yet, and his mind is streaming "Hey! Hey! There you Are! Hey!" - well... the rest of the class does. I basically try to tell him to get the hell outta the room before he got me in trouble, but he just walked in and sat next to me.
I checked out to take him home, I got suspended for 2 days, and I STILL have no clue how he got into the school.
And yet - I can picture the look on my face today, and I'm laughing on the inside. =]

Re: Familiar Tales: Stories of Our Familiars

Posted: Sun Mar 14, 2010 10:28 am
by Max
I love hearing your stories guys :-)
I chose my first dog when I was 1 year old. She was always with me, used to guard me, comfort me, play with me. She was very good at reading my emotions. I remember I dressed her up in my fancy-dress clothes when I was about 7 years old, she wasn't particularly happy but she let me do it. I can still see my Mum's expression, trying not to laugh as she explained that I really shouldn't do that sort of thing hehe! Sometimes I still feel her with me.