Channelling (Again) - CHL Venting?

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Channelling (Again) - CHL Venting?

Post by Crazy Healer Lady » Tue May 13, 2008 8:11 am

I suppose the reason I have been posting so much about channelling, and getting opinions, is that I have found myself in situations the last few months where I am actively channelling for my spiritual friends. (It is wonderful, these ladies I am with. I don't think I've ever been so content in my life. I'm having another Ladies Nite this Saturday, and all we do is eat, give readings, and chat.)

I have always channelled, since about 2005, to my clients during treatments, but it has been sort of a 1) listen 2) reiterate or 1) feel 2) translate at the end of the treatment, and they do not know I am channelling unless I am comfortable with them and I know their feelings on the matter. I have spoken with my guides and otherworld beings before this in Journey for a few years, and then there is the communication that goes on when we are young.

In a Psych-K surrogation a few months ago, I acted as a surrogate for a friend's higher self in regards to an issue she was having. This was the first time I felt all of my hindrances fall away, and I just let him/her speak, through me, in the moment. No translation, no reiteration.

Now, this is happening more and more. I suppose it is the same, but instead of reiterating, which gives me control, they come on in and speak right through me. It's good, because I finally was able to do something I adamently refused to do: Give the *outcome* that my friend needed to hear. I never wanted to say, "You will leave this person" or "You will stay with them" because the future is not fixed, and the whole time/space stuff that really makes a set future outcome impossible to predict. I suppose in this case there was no other way for it to be, but still, I'm amazed.

Even in that argument I mentioned that I had with my partner, my words and actions were guided, because it was not so much an argument but a painful kick in the butt for him to get his healing underway. It was not really me kicking his butt, but I was the channel, and I had asked for it, because I cannot live with jealousy and timelines.

I guess I am nervous that I will end up being one of those floopies that publish a channelled book. They all pretty well say the same thing, but in different words. The only medium I really respect is Barbara Brennan, because you do not hear about her channelling her guide. I only learned about this when my friend came back from her school with stories of her weaving through a crowded room, with no difficulty, with her eyes closed while channelling Heyoan. She does not gain fame from this, or money. She gets these things from her healing and the love and spirit she just radiates like a flame.

I suppose this is just my own venting of anxieties and fears. Thanks for letting me waste your time. :)
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