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Channelling in Your Practice & Relationship With Allies

Posted: Sun Apr 27, 2008 5:55 pm
by Crazy Healer Lady
I am interested in something, from both those who are young in their path and those who are mature: What is the role of channelling in your practice? Also, what is your relationship with your Allies? (I will elaborate on this question later. I would separate these questions into separate posts, but I feel they directly relate to one another.)

By channelling, here I do not mean talking with your dead grandpa, unless of course he has come back to assist you through your many walks of life. I am talking about communication with entities of a very high vibration, such as guides, angels, gods, goddesses, totems, power animals, etc.

What is the role of this in your spiritual path? Are you just speaking with them on a day-to-day basis, or are you having life-changing epiphanies as a result of the advice you are being given? Are you talking with them for your own benefit, or are you channelling others' allies as well, or your own allies which are acting as a translator or medium? Is it a big deal to you, or is it brought back down to the mundane?

Most importantly, what is the feeling you get when you have connected with these beings? Is it addictive? Is it a thrill? Is it uncomfortable? Do you find yourself wanting to channel often? Is it comparable to a drug-induced reaction?

Now, the second set:

On another forum, a member asked a question about sex in the spirit world; the answers were enlightening and empowering. This got me thinking as to the individual ways in which we approach our spiritual paths, the spirit world, and our allies. Some people I know are on a very friend-to-friend basis with their allies, which others are in a constant battle, and still others are like children to parents. How do you see your relationship with them? I want to ask your views on the question first posed in this set, but I am unsure of how to phrase it.

Please share all that you feel comfortable in sharing about all of these questions. I am genuinely curious

Blessings to all

Posted: Tue Apr 29, 2008 11:58 am
by Bandersnatch
I'll give you what answers I can.

The nature of my relationship with my Guide and Guardian is of mentor and friend. While I find my connection to my Guardian ebbs and flows there are times when I feel they are always with me and a constant presence and at other times feel my Guardian is not here but focused elsewhere. Communication (not the same as the sense that my Guardian is there) is not daily but it is frequent and there have been life changing epiphanies as well as just having some fun.

The relationship with my Guide is largely focus around me and my path but not always. There have sometimes been messages for other people or about other people. These communications are often ‘out of left field’ and I don’t always understand them until later – usually after I run into the person in question and suddenly everything makes sense.

The feeling I get when connected to my Guide and Guardian is usually of peace and goodwill. But not always; there are times when I have felt VERY UNCOMFORTABLE…this is usually if there is danger or a warning and sometimes because I have ignored, forgotten or misunderstood something.

Is it addictive? – no
Is it a thrill? – sometimes
Do I want to connect often? – yes
Is it comparable to a drug-induced reaction?
Not the drugs I’ve experienced but then I don’t have much experience in that department. I found drugs generally make me mentally fogged while the feeling I get with my Guide is of mental clarity and understanding with greater depth.

I don't know if that answers you questions but if I missed something just drop me a line.

Posted: Tue Apr 29, 2008 4:20 pm
by Crazy Healer Lady
That's awesome; thank you ^_^

One of the reasons I ask about channelling feeling like a drug-induced reaction is there is this drug on the black market called DMT, a chemical produced in the brain during moments of spiritual ecstasy, such as Samadhi or Samsara. Drugs have long been used to usher one into the spirit realms where communication is possible, and many drugs are known to fire certain neurons in the brain that seem to have no other purpose, and cannot be fired any other way. Sort of like the lock and key effect of enzymes. Maybe it was enzymes and not neurons? My brain is foggy today.

Posted: Tue Apr 29, 2008 7:23 pm
by Kitsune
I will take away your questions and answer in the next day or so... There's a lot to think about there! Thanks for coming up with such a great question for us to think about!

Posted: Tue Apr 29, 2008 7:53 pm
by Kystar
I'll start with the guide thing first.

My guide started as a Guardian...due to some unfortunate associations I had made...and grew into a combination Reality Check and Warning Alarm.

Let me explain a little.
I had a friend who viewed all non-corporal entities as threats, who was convinced that she was being hunted by the spirit of a past life sister who was borderline Evil. She drew those of us who were aware of the energy flows and spirits into things to the point where there was ALWAYS a battle of some sort going on around her.

Before this all happened, I had a Guide who was almost human...and a Dream Guardian. At some point, I'm not sure how, these two were replaced by darker entities trying to block my magic (for lack of a better term) from me...trying to keep me from finding the balance that I was craving. This is when Great Horned Owl came to the middle of a circle...the purpose of which I cannot remember right now. She basically beat the false guides away from me and claimed me as her own. She even marked me by pulling out a half-form for me...that of giving me energy wings that can manifest when I'm on a defensive, or on the astral planes. (I learned later that I could become a Great Horned Owl on spirit planes to travel...but that's a different story.)

Since pulling myself away from this friend's influence, who revealed herself later as a false friend, Great Horned Owl is no longer fighting for me, and teaching me to fight. She's now my Guide in the sense that if I'm about to do something monumentally STUPID, she basically slaps me upside the head with her wing in some form. And she'll warn me if something I'm doing is going to attract things that would harm me...or if there is something I need to ward against. She has warned me once when I went to bless a place that I had to be careful lest I actually unleash something nasty. Or if there's a restless spirit that could cause damage, she'll give me a warning.

I don't channel actively anymore...partially because those whom I would do such things with are no longer around...and partially because I learned how dangerous it was to allow the spirits too much influence in your life.

As a natural Medium, I try not to open myself up much like that...because despite my training, my focus and my meditation, I can NOT control what comes through. I'm not supposed to, I guess. I can cast out something overwhelmingly negative, but it's just not safe without trained partners, so I rarely do it.

Also, I'm living in a dead that there are four to five cemeteries within SIGHT of my house...and at least four more within wind-blow range.

When I was "Open" or as we call it "Up", I would get a euphoria from touching the spirit realm. Now, I get that sensation from Astral projection during dreams. Flying is incredibly freeing.

Until I'm out of the area that the one woman lives in, I don't think it's safe for me to be "on radar" basically. There are a few accounts, from various acquaintances and friends, that all say she has tried to curse me, multiple times.

As for the Divine, I only really go that far out when I need to call down help or I rarely channel that sort of thing. I honor the Divine...but I don't think I need to bug them with every little mundane problem of mine. That's what my minor divination tools are for.

I'm sorry if my ramblings didn't really answer your questions...but this is as close as i can come with my experience and understanding.

Posted: Wed Apr 30, 2008 5:14 am
by Crazy Healer Lady
No, Kystar, that's amazing. Thank you