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Post by Arcanum Owl » Mon Aug 20, 2007 12:40 pm

Hmmm I guess I think along similar lines to CHL.

My view is:
We are here to learn spiritual lessons with the intention of climbing the spiritual ladder so to speak or simply the progression towards unity/the divine. Each life we live is an opportunity to learn at least one lesson, if we learn this one set lesson then we progress up the ladder. If we fail to learn we can either try again in the next life or go back to relearn a previous lesson in the hope of better understanding the current one. Pretty much it is up to our own soul's judgement of what we need to learn. With this in mind our soul can take us anywhere or anywhen in the hope of learning this lesson it is not restricted by time, distance or infact limited to one planet.

:lol: I wonder what I had to learn when I was from Alf's home planet... maybe that's where I got my fondness of cats. :-?
"Project what you are and what you feel, not what you think!" - quoted from yours trully.

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