Kalona Ayleski: "Angels of Death"

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Kalona Ayleski: "Angels of Death"

Post by Hytegia » Wed Jul 01, 2009 2:48 pm

I'm writing up this section in the Reference section for the Simple fact of having a publicly used record for the Kalona Ayliski, including what they are, how to find them, and (more importantly) and how to deal with them...
Please enjoy!

What are Kalona Ayliski?
Kalona Alyiski are old spirits that exist in mainly Cherokee Indian lore, along with other smaller Cherokee-like tribes.
The Kalona Ayliski are viscious Spirits that are known as the "Angels of Death" and are creatures of Habit. They are known and feared for lurking about the Dieing and Near-dead, doing all within their power to hasten the Death and lengthen their lifespan by the lost lifespan of the unfortunate Mortal (in lore, by eating their Soul or Heart without leaving a single scratch).
The method in which they swoop in for the kill makes a vary peculiar sound - A High-pitched sound that imitates a Raven's call - as the person's life is ended. This popular part of the Legend gives them the name "Raven-Mockers."

Ofcourse, the entire thought of the Kalona Ayliski is terrible! I mean, imagine lieing on your bed, very ill (perhaps not dieing), and having to worry about a squeeling Spirit trying to hasten your death and eat your heart!
So, if the Family had money (or the local Shaman/medicine-man was nice enough) they would call on the local Shaman to protect the Ill person by killing any Kalona Ayliski that may come haunting their residence, awaiting time to strike. Once the Shaman has done the deed, the Family would pay gratitude as he went back to doing his usual bussiness.

Fiction of Kalona Ayliski-
Recently, there have been many modern misconceptions about the Kalona Ayliski, mainly brought about by the book series "House of Night." In the book, the teenage Vampire-to-be are encountered with a dark queen trying to Resurrect a Dark God, Kalona Ayliski, who was sealed up by Cherokee Shaman 10 000 years ago. So, they summon Nyx (Greek Goddess of Night, Daughter of Chaos. Latin Pronunciation: Nox) and then Nyx reseals the Kalona Ayliski into the Earth...
As well played out as this story is... It is still just a story. Much like Dan Brown has taken the Bible, the Church, and other things, putting a spin on them to catch the reader's eye, so has the Authors of the "House of Night" series. Instead of saying the Kalona Ayliski are many, they make Kalona Ayliski a Dark God who raped women, and those women gave birth to Raven-Mockers who do the soul stealing and such... They have slapped a prophecy on there for show and, vouilla, you have a perfect Antagonist for our heros to combat!
Much as I love the series, I must say this:
It is a story. There is little correct lore within the book. There was no single diety called Kalona Ayliski, and there were no Cherokee Shamen who sealed him in the Earth 10 000 years ago. There is no prophecy of his return, either. It is all a work of fiction.

Dealing with the Little B*******
And, as with all Evil Spirits, there's a method to deal with them. The following method is a Traditional one, by the Cherokee Medicine Man named Ayû'ninïs, who's methods and ways were collected and published in 1891. One of these methods was how people were to deal with the Kalona Ayliski, and how he would kill them by invoking two spirits he called the Red Man and the Purple Man. Red Man is the spirit of power, triumph, and success. Purple Man brings trouble, vexation and defeat.
The family will summon a medicine man to keep watch and hold it away until the person recovers. If the person dies, the medicine man will keep watch until the person is buried. After burial the heart cannot be taken.

The medicine man drives a sharpened stick into the ground at each corner of the house. Then, about noontime he gets ready the Tsâl-agayû'nlï or "Old Tobacco", with which he fills his pipe, repeating the chant below. He then wraps the pipe in a black cloth. This sacred tobacco is smoked only for this purpose. He then goes out into the forest, and returns just before dark, about which time the sprit will arrive. Lighting his pipe, he goes slowly around the house, puffing the smoke in the direction of every trail by which the sprit might approach. He then goes into the house to wait. When the spirit arrives, the sharpened stick on that side of the house shoots up into the air and comes down like an arrow upon his head. This causes the sprit to die within seven days.

Chant to the Red Man and the Purple Man:

Sgë! Uhyûntsâ'yï galûnlti'tla tsûltâ'histï, Hïsgaya Gigage'ï, usïnu'lï di'tsakûnï' denatlûnhi'sani'ga, Uy-igawa'stï duda'ntï. Nûnnâ'hï tatuna'watï. Usïnu'lï duda'ntâ dani'yûnstanilï'.

Sgë! Uhyûntlâ'yï galûnlti'tla tsûltâ'histï, Hïsga'ya Të'halu, hinaw?sü'?ki. Ha-usïnu'lï nâ'gwa di'tsakûnï' denatlûnhisani'ga uy-igawa'stï duda'ntï. Nûnnâ'hï tätuna'wätï. Usïnu'lï duda'ntâ dani'galïstanï'.

Listen! In the Frigid Land you repose, O Red Man, quickly we two have prepared your arrows for the soul of the Imprecator. He has them lying along the path. Quickly we two will take his soul as we go along.

Listen! In the Frigid Land you repose, O Purple Man, Quickly now we two have prepared your arrows for the soul of the Imprecator. He has them lying along the path. Quickly we two will cut his soul in two.


Ofcourse, this is just a single Medicine Man's Traditional Cherokee method of dealing with the Kalona Ayliski. I'm sure there's many more methods that could be done, and many other ways you could kill the Kalona Ayliski if, perhaps, you find your family member near death and you feel like the Kalona Ayliski may be knocking at your door.

May you Live Long, and the Wind blow to your back... May the Sun's rays shine warm upon your face, and the ground soft to your feet. Etc. Etc.

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House of Night series
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Re: Kalona Ayleski: "Angels of Death"

Post by Hytegia » Thu Jul 02, 2009 7:02 am

This is an intentional double-post!
I have seperated this post from the rest because I have made out my own, Modern Ritual to dispose of Kalona Ayliski!


Perhaps you have noticed that, for the last few days, you were noticing signs of Kalona Ayliski haunting your town. OR your family member was terribly sick, and you decided to guard them for a night.
Or, you know, a family pays you to find and kill whatever's haunting their poor sick family member, and you've discovered that Kalona Ayliski are responsable for the act...

Whatever the reason, you're left with the task of killing Kalona Ayliski. And, ofcourse, you aren't too fond of learning Cherokee to deal with them by calling upon the Purple Man and the Red Man, so you decide to shake off those old Awakened clothes, and get down to some Modern Sorcery!

This Ritual will call for the Following:
Alot of Sharpened Sticks (Be sure to care and give them energy... Each and every one of them)
A Cigar (You know that old Cigar or Box of Cigerrettes you promised yourself for a "Special Occasion?" Time to break them out!)
Clothes (If you got any every-day clothes with Magickal Embuments or w/e they'll be perfect)
Any form of Protection you can get (Personal Wards and such)

The following steps must be done in a SINGLE DAY. If the Kalona Ayliski see what you're trying to do at night, then they might just go ahead and drive for the kill.

Stage I - Scoping Out the Battlefield
Early in the Morning, you must arrive at the residence or area in question, and decide a good place to plan your battle (it IS going to be a battle of somewhat value). Find a good Focal Point where you can see alot of the residence, even if it means sitting on the roof. The less movement you do, the more concentrated your strike can be upon the Kalona Ayliski, and the more movement gives them a greater chance to come in behind your back and end the poor one's life.
Find good places to work, and try to detect how they've been coming and going through the residence in earlier days.
The Kalona Ayliski are creatures of Habit, and usually travel in groups. So, in Essence, plan your Defence well.

Stage II -Guarding the Fortress
Once you have found a good Focal Point, prepare to set up the Sharp Sticks. Make them evenly spaced apart, points up, all about the area. Thicker in some places, and thinner in others. The point being that they have some form of Density where the Kalona Ayliski have been entering and leaving by. All the better to make sure they have a better chance of being destroyed.
Prepare personal Wards for you, and the other members of the Family (if any)... But none for the Ill person. If the Kalona Ayliski sense a Ward or some form of Protection around their victim, then they won't come and will simply wait untill you have left.

Stage III - Calling Your Spirits
I would Reccomend 3 Spirits. Two being strong, and ferocious. One being not so ferocious, but more of Sneaky and Quiet but still able to put up it's own. You will take the First Two with you to outside, and tell the Third to stay within the House to make sure no Kalona Ayliski manage to slip in.

Stage IV - Blessing the Ground
No matter how you do it, or who you ask to do it, bless the entire ground. The two Spirits can help you with it, too. Personally, I have prepared this small line to prepare the Ground for the defence (You can light up that Cigar now. But be sure to save some for later, okay?):

"Blessed Earth, it seems we have a problem. A poor son/daughter/man/woman has taken ill, and requested my Aid. I told them that I would protect their son from forces of Darkness in the Heavenly and High places. Bless this ground so that I may keep my promise, and keep this person alive and well to pass on. Bless this ground so that we may break the cursed Raven Mockers in half, and destroy their Spirits so thatg they may no longer Harm. Bless this ground for the Spiritual batle about to be waged for this person's Spirit and Life.
So Mote It Be."

(Put out that Cigar, now!)

Stage V - Walk Away
After you do whatever you do to bless the Ground... Leave. You must leave until night falls upon the house or area. It is then when the Kalona Ayliski will strike, and it is then when you will return.
Go home. Go to your favorite place to relax. Grab a slice of Pizza. Watch some TV. Take a Nap.

Stage VI - The Battle
Upon your return, take place at the Epicenter. Instruct the other Two Spirits to await hidden. You must take your position, relax more, and await the Kalona Ayliski...
Once you feel them, get ready.

Now, you Rmember how much time and painstaking work it took you to handcarve those sticks and try to embew them with power pryor to this? Now's when you can see it pay off!
Light up the Cigar/Cigarette/etc. and activate the ground however you do it when the Kalona Ayliski are near in a large enough group. If you used the above Blessing I wrote out, then you could just say:

"Earth, Arise" or "Split them in Half." Hell, it might even work if you say "All power to foreward Phasers" if you're led to say it (not reccomended to use Star Trek commands to signal the Earth to activate).

The Sharp sticks will fire off a sharp line straight to the group (assuming it's a group. :) ) and go through them if they're in the path of them. Send your other two Spirits to go do a little cleanup, if some slipped through the barrier. Sit back and enjoy the fight - or lack of one, depending on the effectiveness of your Sharp Sticks. Make sure that they're all destroyed (Kalona Ayliski are not renowned for being intelligent. Even if they DID escape this carnage, then they'd be back simply because it's in their habit to do so, and they need that extra time).
If any got through the cracks, make sure your Spirit inside guarded the person well, and that everything's done right.

Stage VII - Aftermath and Cleanup
It is higly reccomended by many experts that you not have Sharp sticks in your yard pointing upwards. Cleanup would be great about now. Be sure to pack up all things, say farewells, maybe give the poor soul a reassuring Ward to keep them safe, and then be on your way. Your job's done, and hanging around would make it only that more difficult for the person's Death.

You have killed Kalona Ayliski.
"Water, water, everywhere,
And all the boards did shrink;
Water, water, everywhere,
Nor any drop to drink."

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