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Satyr's Song - Conversing with a Fae

Posted: Sun May 17, 2009 7:10 am
by Hytegia
The Following happened a few years ago when I wanted to take it upon myself a challanging summon. Well, I did my research, and with me and my poetry being well, but not as good as I wanted, I decided to summon a Satyr. The Fae and I had a nice talk about things in rhyme and I wrote it down as it was happening (although he was clearly the better of us two). So, I present you now with this excerpt from my Book. flyaway:
(My speaking is in regular. The Satyr's words are in Italics. :P)

Satyr's Song - Conversing with a Fae

"The Wizard sits upon his stool
wavering wand and sweet brewl.
But hast the Wizard without doubt
Cast the Evil spirits out?"

"Fair Satyr upon your brow I gaze,
Wondering in a dazy haze,
What of the horns upon ye head,
and the Hooves that the floor do grace?"

"Oi, young Wizard doest rhyme well,
but doesn't he recognize his own spell?
Ye summoned me from my fair grove
and yearn from my mind my songs to betroth?

For I am the Satyr!
I speak only in Rhyme.
The questions you have
will be done in fair time."

"My questions are many.
My answers are few.
I summoned you here
to answer a few."

"Young lad ye are good,
but I am the better.
By summoning myself
ye may think you are clever.

Before you were dreamt,
I was weaving these words.
My will remains in contempt
of the Rhymes ye hath spent."

"It is not a duel I seek,
nor a Prize I wish to keep.
I seek only your knowledge,
Tis' better than college."

"Atleast ye pace is kept somewhat,
for in the years past,
I have had many a dumbf***
Whose tounge couldn't last.

So tell me fair Wizard who sits upon a chair,
What do ye seek of me sitting there?"

(Skipping to the end. No offence, but this conversation was really none of anyone's bussiness! :D)

"Unto you your knowledge is sent,
And unto I my time is kempt.
For I am tired,
my my head in a haze.
Call not unto me,
for atleast three long days."

"Happily I release you,
Satyr of Song,
You may take off your pace
and be gone."

"I thank the Wizard upon the stool,
For a Gracious host is he.
Now I, much like a Ghoul,
Must meave into the trees."

Re: Satyr's Song - Conversing with a Fae

Posted: Sun May 17, 2009 10:13 am
by Crazy Healer Lady
Thank you for sharing! I was not happy to have to edit out the swear. I love it when spirits use such blatant common words. It snaps us out of the idea that they are so far beyond and are humble. A friend's angels recently told him to "chill," and I nearly had a fit of laughter when I read it over!

This was a delight to read. Thank you :)

Re: Satyr's Song - Conversing with a Fae

Posted: Sun May 17, 2009 8:02 pm
by Mahala
I'm fascinated with fauns and satyrs, and all sorts of other mythical and fantasy beings. :-D I've found that for the most part, satyrs are like teenagers mentally; They love doing things just for the pleasure of it. (Talking about a satyr character I created in writing.)
I've always found that relating to a person who can't get down on my level is a very stressful experience. I do swear, but it's something I choose to do and can control. It's so much easier to talk to the spirits when they can adapt to the way people speak now.

Re: Satyr's Song - Conversing with a Fae

Posted: Tue May 19, 2009 11:17 am
by Hytegia
He didn't actually call me names, which was fun. In the conversation that I edited out (personal reasons. Nothing to you guys! ;D) he said my rhyming was getting quite better as we went along... But he laughed when I responded along the lines of:

"Fair Satyr I give you much thanks-
But Your Rhymes upon my ass spanks."

For some reason I couldn't think on my feet like the rest of them, so I kissed ass and made myself look like an idiot in the process. We got along with the talk and conversations and got to the end smoothly, but still I wish I had thought of something better.
I should try to be more prepared if I summon him again. :/ Maybe listen to Rap, some Punk Rock, or just Irish Rock before I try again. Ofcourse I'm not going to call him up again just to say "Haha! I'm better today," more than I'd call him up for some other reason aqnd do so well he'd have to notice it.
Well, Practice makes perfect, I say.