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Posted: Sat Oct 14, 2006 2:17 am
by Rain ForestMoon
I just need to re-trace my steps a little and would like to make a further remark regarding me saying that the devil does not exist:

If we say "the christian devil exists, but not in the way that the christians believe" we are immediately creating a different sort of a devil, and not the one the christians believe in. Which is no different to saying that the christian devil does not exist.

If we say "the christian devil exists in the way the christians believe" then we, it seems to me, would also need to accept all the christian "baggage" that goes with the christian devil: Hell, Damnation, etc.

So, having thought about this for a while, and now having verbalised my thoughts above (hopefully not too confuddled), i can now, again, state with confidence: The christian devil does not exist!