The Game Developers Who Are Also Witches | Kotaku Australia

Horrorshow is one of a growing number of young people who practice witchcraft or identify themselves as a witch. As both VICE and The Guardian outline, witches have especially seen a resurgence among women, trans and queer-identifying people recently. Some of them dress up, some cast spells and do tarot, others create webcomics and video games.

Some see witches as icons of feminist power, or women who challenge the rules and boundaries of society. Cultural historian Rictor Norton writes that witches have always been associated with heresy, and were thought to practise unorthodox activities, such as homosexuality, which “was often an important feature of the witches’ real or alleged initiation rituals”.

Accordingly, game maker Solomon Fletcher finds that “even though the term ‘witch’ is usually tied to womanhood, it’s always felt genderless to [them]”. Witches naturally invite genderqueer discourse, and that’s part of the appeal of adopting the philosophy in 2017.

Source: The Game Developers Who Are Also Witches | Kotaku Australia


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