The Witching Season – The New York Times

The witching hour is upon us.

I’m talking not about Halloween but about Election Day — which, if you believe a vocal subset of conspiracy theorists, is when we’ll all get hexed.

Hillary Clinton’s more extreme critics routinely refer to her as a witch — earlier this month, Joseph Farah at World Net Daily asked, “Can you even imagine enduring four years of this witch as president?” He was presumably speaking figuratively, but a quick scroll through the Twitter hashtag #WitchHillary reveals that some people believe Mrs. Clinton actually practices the dark arts.

Several videos posted to YouTube in the last year attempt to make this case. One, titled “Hillary Clinton – The Antichrist or the Illuminati Witch?” includes testimony by the Clinton conspiracy theorist Larry Nichols, who claims that Mrs. Clinton routinely left Arkansas to worship with a group of women at a “witches’ church” in Los Angeles.

Portraying powerful women as witches is a time-honored tactic.

Source: The Witching Season – The New York Times


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