The Kathmandu Post- Where are the witches?

Sep 18, 2016- For about 45 minutes actress Sarita Giri held the stage by herself at Mandala Theatre every evening between August 12 and 27. She did so while delivering to us Director Sulakchhyan Bharati’s poignant script that explores the process of the making of a ‘witch’ or ‘boksi’ by society.

“The story I’m telling is not something exceptional. Under-aged marriage and women being labelled as witches happens every day. But it has become normal to us. So even if it is in the newspaper, we read it, we turn the page and we don’t think about it anymore. I didn’t want to turn the page. I wanted to look deeply into what under-aged marriage does to girls. What are their stories? … And why do we blame women as witches? In my opinion it is because our society is so entrenched with patriarchy, that it also influences our imagination and thought-processes. But I believe in the power of theatre to stimulate new ways of thinking, imagining and behaving. Through the play I ask the audience: where are the witches?” has been eloquently explained by Bharati elsewhere.

Source: The Kathmandu Post- Where are the witches?


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