After 33 Years, New York’s Oldest Wiccan Shop Still Brewing

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When Mercury is in Retrograde, you have three essays due in one week, and you’re still hungover from two nights ago, it’s time to let go and let Goddess. Yesterday, I headed to East 9th Street’s Enchantments, Inc. in search of a divine cure for my perpetual stress (I am 22 years old and already have two whole gray hairs). I had walked past the store numerous times, intrigued by the endless walls of herbs and sharp-eyed cats in the window, but as a mere Wiccan novice I was forever too intimidated to browse designer cauldrons alongside cool tattooed ladies. Opened in 1982, the shop claims to be New York City’s “oldest occult store.” As I stepped into the cavernous space, I was startled to find an instant sense of calm and ease among the sweet-smelling oils and thick books with titles like Psychic Self-Defense: Strengthening Your Aura. I had to actively refrain from verbalizing any Diagon Alley references.
Quote of the moment:
Friends are the chocolate chips in the cookies of Life.

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